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How We Provide Consistently Excellent IT Support

The WorkSmart team is rooting for your success. As an IT service provider, we know that great service helps your organization grow. Quality IT support from a strategic partner helps you focus on your business goals rather than worry about your technology.

That’s why gauging customer happiness and getting feedback is extremely valuable, and why it’s important for us to have a way to measure and track the customer experience.

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WorkSmart Continues Expansion Into 2022

As we turn the corner on the second half of 2022, WorkSmart is thrilled to announce that we have continued to grow – both in the clients we serve and also our internal team members.

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Marissa Explains IT All: Managed Solutions vs. Outright Purchases

When it comes to managing your hardware and software, you have a few different options. You can outright purchase everything on your own, or you can go through a managed service provider.

There are a few pros and cons that come along with both options. Check out Marissa’s 60-second explanation below to learn more.

You can also continue scrolling for the full transcript and related content.

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Choosing the Right IT Partner for Your Business

First impressions make all the difference. That’s why, beginning with the first call, you’ll have a consistently excellent experience with WorkSmart.

We strive to be a strategic partner. As an extension of your team, we can work together to build an IT strategy that truly supports your business.

Establishing a collaborative relationship from the start leads to better long-term results. These opening conversations are essential to creating an enduring relationship. Let us explain why this helps in choosing the right IT partner.

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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Managed IT Service Provider

As technology and threats evolve, hiring a managed IT service provider to support and manage your organization’s technology is a great investment. The right partner can simplify IT, helping your team get their work done while keeping data secure. In other words, they’ll offer peace of mind that technology is fueling your operations and allow you to keep focused on business results.

But what exactly should you be looking for when screening potential partners? Whether you’re already working with one or looking to hire for the first time, here are the top 5 things to look for in a managed IT service provider.

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Marissa Explains IT All: What is multi-factor authentication?

It’s no secret that securing all of your different accounts is crucial to keeping your data protected. Multi-factor authentication helps to provide an extra layer of security by requiring users to identify themselves using more than just a username and password.

How does it work? Check out Marissa’s 60-second explanation of multi-factor authentication below!

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3 Steps to Cybersecurity on a Small Business Budget

You know that a thorough cybersecurity plan is essential to protect your assets and information. The threat of cyber attacks on small businesses is higher than ever, and damages from an attack can take months and up to a year for most companies to recover from, if they can recover at all.

So, how can you be sure your organization is doing the right things to prevent damage that can be caused by cyber threats and keep it within a small business budget? 

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Business IT Support Services that Make Sense for You

They say first impressions count for everything. While we believe it’s important to establish the tone of a great relationship from the outset, we know that maintaining excellent support and customer service is just as significant.

This is where we take the relationship from ‘transactional vendor’ to ‘strategic partner’.

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Working Smart: Triaging Tickets for Consistent IT Support

When your organization needs IT support, you want the experience to be consistently amazing.

As a managed service provider, our clients need us to act quickly and efficiently on critical IT issues to help keep their operations running. To fuel growth, they also want their organization to run smoothly.

Today, we’re talking about how the right support process provides consistent IT support, giving you the confidence to focus on your business goals rather than pesky IT problems.