Microsoft 365 Security

Protect Your Team and Their Data Against Cyber Threats No Matter Where They Work

The growing use of cloud technology means your team is changing the way they work. And adjusting how you protect your organization doesn’t need to be complex. Simplify your IT security strategy by knowing where your data lives and providing your employees secure access to that data from any device wherever they are. With Microsoft 365, the mobility and security services protect the new and flexible ways your people are working.

With the right security policies in place, you can enable your team to be productive while keeping your organization’s data secure.

Microsoft 365 Security Tools Include:


Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory helps control how your employees sign in and access resources in the cloud, including Microsoft 365 apps and other online services, or resources on the server in your office. Keep the cybercriminals by ensuring only the right people have the right level of access.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one component that helps protect your organization from a breach due to a stolen password. It adds a layer of protection during the sign-in process. Cybercriminals won’t gain access with the password as they won’t have the second form of identification.
  • Single-Sign On (SSO) is another component that provides a simple sign-in experience for the different tools your employees rely on while reducing the time spent managing multiple passwords and the risk of a breach. With one login, SSO enables your team to use one login to access Microsoft 365 as well as other SaaS and on-premise apps.


Intune protects your organization’s data on mobile devices, whether they’re company or employee-owned.

  • Mobile device management (MDM) to ensure only trustworthy devices can access your resources. High-level of control that is ideal for devices owned by the organization.
  • Mobile application management (MAM) protects the data within the app that may be used on personal devices. This is a popular solution for companies as employees don’t typically want to enroll their devices into the organization’s MDM program. You can give your team the flexibility they want AND keep everything safe.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Helps protect email and the other Microsoft 365 collaboration tools from known and unknown attacks like phishing, ransomware, and sophisticated malware. In addition to acting as a robust filter, it analyzes links and documents to find any potential threats before it reaches your team.


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As a Microsoft Gold Partner, WorkSmart helps businesses take advantage of Microsoft 365 while proactively managing the security risks the flexibility of the cloud brings.

FAQs: Microsoft 365 Security

  • Do all employees need to be set up with multi-factor authentication (MFA), or can we just protect certain accounts? MFA is designed to prevent threats from gaining access and is most effective when applied wherever possible. It’s our experience that businesses request exclusions because the additional login step can be inconvenient for employees. We can help you keep it simple for your team while maintaining security – we’re here to help!
  • How do I buy Azure Active Directory? Azure Active Directory is included in all Microsoft 365 subscriptions. There are also paid options available for increased security measures. We’re happy to help you figure out which option best suits your organization’s needs!
  • Which Intune subscription do I need? Intune is included with several subscriptions, including Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and E5. These are popular solutions because they bundle key security services like Azure Active Directory Premium and Intune.


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