Hosted File Sharing

Secure File Sharing and Storage

Storing files and documents online makes it simple and secure for your team to share with others. Whether you want someone else to view one of your files or work on it in real-time, Microsoft 365 has options.

Microsoft 365 provides several apps to store and share files securely: OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. Although each app is different, they all work together to create a whole picture. WorkSmart can help implement the right solution and migrate your organization’s files to the Microsoft cloud. With our managed IT services, you also get support and expert advice to ensure your team always has access to their files and that the data is protected.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Hosted
File Sharing and Storage Include:


OneDrive for Business

Serves as each team member’s personal file storage. Only they have access to the file or folder unless intentionally shared with someone. They manage its permissions, not your IT team.

SharePoint Online

This is a robust collaboration tool that helps your team store, organize, and share information. Microsoft 365 makes it easy for small businesses to leverage it as online file storage for the organization. You can create folder structures like a traditional file server would offer, where you have departmental folders with varying levels of permissions (all controlled by your IT team).

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace. It brings OneDrive for Business and SharePoint together so you can access and share all your files in the same place you work with your team.


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As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, WorkSmart can help set your team up for success with Microsoft 365. From migration and implementation to ongoing support, we can help ensure effective communication to unlock the full potential of your team.

Hosted File Sharing and Storage FAQs:

  • Is OneDrive and Onedrive for Business the same thing? They may share a name, but they are not the same thing. OneDrive for Business is intended for business purposes. It’s built on different technology (it actually uses SharePoint Online) so it can provide more administration options and collaboration features.
  • Can I share large files? The file size limit is 250GB!
  • Can I sync files from the cloud to my computer? The desktop app allows you to sync your files directly to the File Explorer on your computer. You can even opt to save files as “on-demand” so that you can see updates without having to download the file (and take up storage on your computer).
  • What happens when someone deletes a file or folder? All deleted files go to a recycling bin where you have a chance to recover it. Be careful! The default settings give you 30 days before the file is permanently deleted. You can add a layer of protection by backing up your online data.
  • Can I use OneDrive for Business to replace my server? Using the cloud for file storage is a great idea! Although OneDrive for Business serves as a personal repository (and not ideal for company-wide file sharing), your organization can move files from a dedicated server to Microsoft 365. We’re happy to help your organization plan around your needs.
  • Does WorkSmart build SharePoint intranets? SharePoint Online allows businesses to create websites designed to help teams work together efficiently. We partner with SharePoint experts to build and maintain custom solutions like intranets.

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