Making IT Security a Priority

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and hackers continue to find new ways in. With 60% of businesses closing within 6 months following an attack, your businessā€™ cybersecurity strategy is a key part of operations.

Weā€™ll help you take the right approach to cybersecurity so you can protect your businessā€”and your customersā€”from the cost of a successful attack.


Your cybersecurity strategy should include ways to identify risks, prevent cyberattacks, and recover from them. However, it can be hard to know which IT security solutions will be the most effective for your needs. Especially when traditional tools fail to stop advanced threats.

Using our experience, weā€™ll help you reduce risk within your organizationā€™s IT budget.

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Our Cybersecurity Services Keep Your Business Safe By:

Educating your team on cyber threats

Your team is regularly exposed to phishing and ransomware attacks that put your business at risk. Training employees to recognize these threats is one of your best defenses against them.

WorkSmartā€™s Security Awareness Training program keeps security top of mind for your employees so they can play an active role in protecting against cyberattacks.

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Preventing cyberattacks by blocking threats

The risk of a cyberattack continues to grow. Thatā€™s why your business needs safeguards in place to proactively protect against potential threats.

With our Cybersecurity Prevention services, we help you reduce your businessā€™ risk by securing technology and data to prevent threats from becoming successful attacks.

Detecting and responding to cyberattacks

If an attacker gets past your cyber defenses, a quick response is critical. Knowing that a cybersecurity incident happened in a timely manner is key to mitigating its effects.

WorkSmartā€™s Managed Detection and Response service constantly looks for suspicious activity so we can quickly identify an attack, stop it, and reduce potential damage to your business.

Recovering quickly from a cyberattack

From ransomware locking your data to a virus crashing your network, be prepared with reliable backups. Itā€™ll help return your business to normal operations after a security incident.

With our Backup and Disaster Recovery services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your technology and data are recoverable in the event of an attack.

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