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What is an MSP?

All businesses, large or small, have many daily operations to keep the company running. Maintaining those operations takes a lot of time, money, and work hours. That’s where an MSP comes in. A managed service provider handles multiple aspects of your business to increase productivity and maximize the workflow of your business. 

Learn more about how top IT managed service providers can assist with complex business operations, helping your business run smoothly and stay within budget.

What is an MSP?

What is the Definition of an MSP?

An MSP is a service provider that handles different areas of  your business, allowing to focus on what they do best.  The right managed service provider acts as an  extension of your team, helping to find custom solutions that  best support your organization in reaching your goals. 

An MSP can manage a variety of operations that are essential to the efficiency of a business, including:

  • Staffing
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • IT services and infrastructure
  • Workforce management
  • Recruitment
  • Vendor management
  • Contract compliance


An MSP provides specialized experts that work to understand the needs of your business, allowing your team to utilize top talent and new technologies with less strain on your budget. Working with an expert partner also  allows your business  to focus on its core competency, while trusting that the highly-skilled specialists are supporting business goals. 

How Does an MSP Work?

The first step in finding the right IT managed service provider is researching your options. Some MSP services offer remote services, so you may be able to work with a wide range of managed service providers, including those that are not local.

Once you have¬† partnered with an MSP,¬† they will evaluate your business’s current practices and develop a custom plan to maximize resources, reduce spending, and improve efficiency overall.

How Does an MSP Work?

Utilizing an MSP for Your IT Needs

With cybersecurity threats at an all-time high, businesses of all sizes have turned to an IT partner to help them minimize risks and work together to build a strong cyber resilience. Plus, technology is always changing. Having an expert partner can help your organization use the right technology to achieve results and fuel business growth. 

A top IT managed service provider can efficiently manage critical aspects of your business, including IT infrastructure installment and management, security, data warehouses, and networking. 

It can get expensive trying to hire an internal IT team to cover all of those aspects. An  IT partner provides the technology and expertise to help manage  your company’s IT without the expense of hiring and managing a team of experts in-house.

What Are the Benefits of Using an MSP?

So, how can an MSP support your business? In short, there’s multiple ways that businesses can benefit from outsourcing IT to an MSP. 

A few benefits of using an IT partner include:

  • Reduced costs on hiring and staff management
  • Access to the newest technologies and applications
  • Ability to scale up or down quickly and efficiently to meet your business‚Äôs changing needs over time
  • Expected monthly costs for your managed services
  • Reduced security risks
  • Access to a team of experts with specialized knowledge in different areas
  • Minimized disruptions to your workday


While you stay focused on running your business, you can have peace of mind that your IT partner is keeping your team running smoothly, while also staying secure. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an MSP?

Find Top IT Managed Service Providers

If you run a business, trust your information technology to only the top IT managed service providers. Contact the IT experts at WorkSmart today to start your customized quote or learn more about  how our team of people you’re going love can help support your business.