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IT Strategy Meeting, What and Why?

The "break-fix" approach to IT is not a suitable long-term solution. In this episode, we meet Laura Josephson who emphasizes how proactive IT management drives a company's long-term success.

WorkSmart's Proven Process

WorkSmart uses a service framework called the "Proven Process", which structures iterative strategy and process reviews and upgrades. Clay Harris, CEO of WorkSmart and host, meets with Kim to understand this structure and how it helps WorkSmart evolve with, predict, and meet clients' wants and needs.

Microsoft Tools You Already Pay For

Most companies already pay for the automation tools they need to streamline workflows, but either aren't aware of their existence or how to take advantage. In this episode, Clay introduces Samantha, learning and development lead at WorkSmart, who shares some of the hidden tools like Power Automate in Microsoft 365 packages that many companies already pay for.

IT Fren-petitors, Email Deliverability, and M&A With Dan Wilson

Selecting an IT Managed Service Provider is an important decision and in this episode, Clay introduces Dan Wilson, who used to run his own IT MSP, to learn how to best select an IT partner.

WorkSmart's New Services

Marissa Wehman joins CEO and host Clay Harris to discuss the mounting and potential risk to their clients' IT and four new services WorkSmart has rolled out to address them.

How WorkSmart Helps Customers

If your computer system shuts down, all business activity stops. Amanda Tharrington joins Clay to share a recent client disaster and how WorkSmart worked to solve it.

Cyber Insurance with Longtime Partner Chad Bickers

Host and CEO, Clay Harris, meets with Chad Bickers, who has long been a client and insurance provider for WorkSmart IT to talk about the IT safety needs of small businesses today.

Top Reasons For Switching MSPs

When businesses pay for IT services, they really are buying a partner who will help further their goals. Clay meets with Jim Rappl, senior business advisor and twenty year IT industry vet, to understand why many companies switch IT service providers.

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Clay Harris

Clay Harris is CEO of WorkSmart IT and an IT veteran. He meets with experts within WorkSmart and throughout the industry to share the stories and knowledge crucial for operating a business in the digital age.

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