Streamlining IT Management with Game-Changing Solutions

Who in your company wears the IT hat? Is it an IT professional or has someone in another role been tagged for the task?

If you don’t have an in-house dedicated IT professional, you may find that the daily management of IT duties can distract you from your core business responsibilities as a business owner or employee. The difficulty of keeping up with rapidly changing technologies is a leading cause of time-consuming work for those who aren’t IT professionals. The tasks include overseeing IT-related matters and following up on them, dealing with the complexities associated with IT management, and navigating interactions with your IT providers.

In this article, we discuss the common pain points businesses face when managing IT responsibilities and why you should partner with WorkSmart. Our partnership will streamline your IT management, allow you to refocus on your core functions, and rebuild maximum efficiency and trust in a solution partner that is responsive and transparent. It is our mission to simplify your IT with WorkSmart’s game-changing solutions.

5 Reasons to Partner with WorkSmart

1. Strategic Focus and Investment

It has been WorkSmart’s mantra for 25 years to “make IT easy.” One of the key benefits you’ll experience when partnering with WorkSmart is the ability to maintain a strategic focus on your core responsibilities. WorkSmart can handle your IT management tasks for you, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus on your primary duties. This allows non-IT professionals to move to a more strategic role when they find themselves stuck wearing the IT hat.

When you recognize IT as an investment, you realize that technology can provide significant returns in terms of efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Keeping this perspective in mind will help you prioritize your technology initiatives in line with your overall goals and growth plans. Investing in IT infrastructure, software solutions, and digital transformation enhances your operational effectiveness while enabling you to remain agile and adapt to market changes.

2. Saving Time

Managing IT tasks can be time-consuming, leading you to work overtime if the person wearing the IT hat has other important responsibilities. When you partner with WorkSmart, you save valuable time spent monitoring or following up on pending IT issues. This time can be redirected towards strategic initiatives and other projects that contribute to the overall growth and success of the company.

3. Simplifying IT Complexity

Non-IT professionals may feel overwhelmed by the dynamic nature of Information Technology. You can manage your IT seamlessly and stress-free with WorkSmart because we simplify IT. The WorkSmart team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the latest technology and can handle all aspects of IT management, including cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, cloud services, and more. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations without having to worry about the complexities of IT.

4. Restoring Trust

Successful business partnerships are built on trust. If you outsource functionality to a provider and spend half your time tracking down the status of projects, implementations, and maintenance, it makes little sense. Your IT support should also be responsive. This means that if and when you ask a question or need support, you get a reply within a reasonable amount of time and have the ability to speak to a real person who gives personal attention to your concerns.

IT consultants from WorkSmart are the best in the business. That is why we hire them. It is important to us at WorkSmart to do the right thing, to make connections, and to share the desire to grow. Our goal is to build trust through responsiveness, transparency, and accountability. With these values in mind, our IT specialists build strong, lasting, trustworthy relationships with each of our partners.

5. Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is an integral part of WorkSmart’s IT management. An important aspect of WorkSmart’s service is supporting you in your short and long-term strategic IT decisions. Our team manages your day-to-day tasks, allowing you to tap into our expertise while shaping your IT infrastructure. This approach nurtures a sense of partnership, ensuring that IT solutions align with your specific needs and goals.

About WorkSmart

WorkSmart focuses on today’s technologies and tomorrow’s strategies. Our offices are located in Durham, Charlotte, Alpharetta, Greensboro, and Lancaster, and we service clients within an hour of these locations. WorkSmart’s team specializes in providing in-person and value-driven assistance to businesses with 10–100 computer users. With us, you will not only find the right technology but also enduring relationships and a team you will love!

Rather than just offering short-term fixes that leave you vulnerable to recurring issues, our goal is to partner with you long-term to develop sustainable IT strategies that will help your business grow.

Need help handling IT responsibilities in your business? WorkSmart is here to help you. Contact us today!

Stay tuned for our next article, as we will discuss how to redefine the IT landscape with proactive strategies and collaborative planning that ensure a smoother, more proactive approach to problem-solving.


Navigating Unheard Business Needs with WorkSmart

Have you ever submitted an request for IT support ticket and not received a response? Do you find that your IT provider does not accept phone calls, rerouting you to the support ticket system when you try to contact them?

Businesses increasingly rely on IT services to drive growth and innovation in today’s digital world. Despite this, many organizations struggle to communicate effectively with their IT providers. The generic solutions and lack of personalized support inhibit productivity and business success.

This article examines the common communication challenges faced by businesses and reveals how WorkSmart uses a unique approach to truly understand, and respond, to each client’s requirements.

The Impact of Active Listening During Tech Support

Businesses often feel that their IT providers neglect or misunderstand their specific requests. The result is frustration, loss of productivity, and an inability to trust service providers and the support department.

WorkSmart prioritizes active listening as a foundational element. We offer a ticketing system for your convenience, but we are also committed to taking your calls. When you reach out to us, you’ll always speak directly with a trained and professional IT support consultant.

It is our goal to actively listen and understand our client’s unique needs, goals, and pain points. Using active listening and meaningful conversations, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, enabling us to provide you with tailored solutions.

Aligning IT Solutions for Maximum Impact

Some IT companies concentrate solely on technical expertise without considering the broader business context.

Keeping IT solutions aligned with business goals is a priority at WorkSmart. The combination of our technical expertise and industry knowledge allows us to recommend solutions that not only resolve immediate tech issues but also contribute to long-term business success. Our dedicated teams have both technical and business acumen to develop IT strategies that drive growth and innovation.

The Impact of Tailored Support for Unique Needs

A generic approach to IT support often leads to dissatisfaction. Each organization has unique needs and challenges, and a one-size-fits-all approach neglects these characteristics.

Our unique approach to IT differentiates us from other companies. Our top priority is to listen to your needs rather than provide generic solutions. Every solution we deliver is tailored to meet the needs of the client, whether it is software implementation, security optimization, or proactive maintenance. We service companies with 10-100 computer users, allowing us to pay attention to detail.

The Impact of Adaptable Solutions on Client Satisfaction

We understand that customers at times feel disappointed by IT providers’ rigid solutions. A rigid solution not only limits your business’ growth but also causes customer dissatisfaction.

Our flexible approach allows us to adapt to the unique requirements and preferences of each of our clients. WorkSmart works closely with you to gain an understanding of your workflows, technology stack, and future goals. This approach allows us to provide solutions that are scalable, adaptable, and flexible to grow with your business. Our services include transforming business strategies and leveraging emerging technologies. By partnering with WorkSmart, you can ensure that your IT infrastructure remains current as your business evolves.

The Human Touch: Prioritizing Personalization for Success

Numerous businesses find that IT service providers do not deliver the personal touch they expect. When providers are just hyper-focused on making the next sale, existing customers can be left to feel like mere statistics, instead of valued clients. This lack of personalized engagement can lead to frustration, especially when dealing with generic support and one-size-fits-all solutions.

Do you feel that your IT provider lacks a people-centric approach? Consider the difference it would make to work with a team that truly understands your culture, values, and concerns.

We firmly believe that technology should not overshadow human interaction at any point in time. Our personalized approach is especially beneficial to companies within an hour’s drive of our Durham, Charlotte, Alpharetta, Greensboro, and Lancaster offices. We have dedicated teams committed to providing you with a personalized experience, offering onsite support when needed, and ensuring that you feel heard, supported, and valued throughout your IT journey.

Effective communication forms the cornerstone of successful IT services. Actively listening to you, aligning IT solutions with your business goals, providing tailored support, and prioritizing the human element is our business, and we are good at it.

You can stay on top of the complexities of the digital landscape with the help of our comprehensive range of services, such as co-managed IT, cyber security, cloud technology, hybrid work solutions, backup and recovery, and strategic IT budgeting.

WorkSmart is your trusted partner for seamless collaboration, enhanced productivity, and sustainable growth.

Contact us today to embark on a transformative IT journey that takes your IT support to new heights with “the right technology, not more technology.”

Stay tuned for the next article in our six-part series. We will discuss situations where you’re tasked with managing IT when it’s not your primary role. Discover how WorkSmart’s services bring relief, allowing you to reclaim your time and focus on your core responsibilities.


WorkSmart’s Proactive Approach to IT Support

Are your current service providers prioritizing user support, or is the customer experience more of an afterthought?

Effective communication is the foundation of a successful partnership between businesses and their IT service providers. However, many providers fall short in this area, leaving clients in the dark about the status of their support tickets, progress on resolving issues, and plans for the future.

WorkSmart recognizes the problems users experience in an industry where human interaction is scarce. They have listened to the collective frustrations of business owners, and built their own business model around the drive to address them.

In this article, we’ll explore the frustrations small businesses experience when it comes to IT support – and highlight WorkSmart’s unique approach to a customized IT support partnership that ensures client success.

Ticketed IT Support and Call Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence. When technology fails, businesses need immediate support to minimize downtime and keep operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, many IT service providers fall short in this aspect, leading to frustration and lost productivity.

WorkSmart distinguishes itself by offering dedicated teams for remote support, support coordination, and quick-fix resolutions. Their approach includes a systematic process for intake, triage, and response. They provide regular updates on ticket progress and set clear expectations for call-back times. This transparent system ensures clients are informed about their ticket status, sets clear expectations, and guarantees that they can always reach someone on the phone for support.

Tailored Assistance for Every Business Size

Businesses frequently encounter the challenge of dealing with providers whose services do not align seamlessly with their unique needs. The absence of personalized attention can lead to a disconnect between the client’s expectations and the actual support provided, fostering dissatisfaction. Finding a service provider with the ability to address scalability, efficiency, and seamless technology integration has never been more important than now in the ever-changing digital landscape.

At WorkSmart, they believe that every business deserves personalized attention. Dedicated teams work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, challenges, and goals. They develop customized IT solutions that address clients’ needs and align with the long-term growth plans of each business. Whether the business is a small startup or an established organization, their tailored support ensures that technology works for their clients.

On-Site Support to Minimize Disruptions

While remote support can address a good deal of IT support questions, some problems require hands-on assistance. These could include hardware malfunctions, network outages, or complex software installations. Relying solely on remote support in situations that require on-site assistance can result in a business experiencing extended downtime and disruptions, impacting their productivity and bottom line.

WorkSmart understands the importance of on-site support in critical situations. They have a  team of skilled technicians located in Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta, Greensboro, and Lancaster. These local team members are readily available to visit customer offices and provide hands-on assistance when remote support is not enough. As a result of their fast response time, IT issues are resolved quickly, minimizing disruption to business operations.

Active Involvement For Success

Many businesses have experienced the frustration of working with IT service providers who seem distant and disconnected. These providers often lack the necessary level of involvement and dedication to truly understand their client’s needs, resulting in misaligned solutions and missed opportunities for improvement.

WorkSmart’s core values are to “Do the Right Thing. Put People First. Own It. Be Curious.” They are committed to being actively involved in every aspect of their client’s IT support journey. They dedicate teams to each stage of the process, from the initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and improvement. This approach ensures that WorkSmart has a deep understanding of customers and their business requirements, allowing them to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions that drive success.

IT Solutions With a Human Touch

Numerous businesses find that IT service providers do not deliver the personal touch they expect. When providers are just hyper-focused on making the next sale, existing customers can be left to feel like mere statistics, instead of valued clients. This lack of personalized engagement can lead to frustration, especially when dealing with generic support and one-size-fits-all solutions.

The WorkSmart team has a substantial number of members, ensuring a deep bench of talent. With 100 experts spread across Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta, and other locations, they have dedicated IT consultants ready to support any needs. They take pride in their carefully crafted and thoughtful approach to customer service, guaranteeing that their clients receive the attention they deserve. Additionally, being local in Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta, Greensborough, and outside of Philadelphia allows them to better connect with their clients and understand their specific needs.

WorkSmart’s personalized approach ensures that businesses feel heard, valued, and supported throughout their IT journey. They believe that the human touch is essential in delivering exceptional IT support and fostering a stronger partnership with clients.

WorkSmart specializes in Managed and Co-managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, Data Backup and Recovery, IT Strategy and Planning, Microsoft 365, and Cloud Services. 

Contact WorkSmart today for a free consultation and learn how they can help your business thrive.  And join us in our next article as we discuss how WorkSmart bridges the gap when businesses feel they are not heard.


Navigating Subscriptions: WorkSmart’s Approach to Simplicity

When it comes to IT services, do you really know what you’re paying for every month or year? Do these subscriptions simplify or complicate your business? Do you know where your company’s data is with so many storage options? How do you plan to handle disaster recovery, especially with your company data dispersed across multiple cloud-based services?

Small to medium businesses are asking themselves these questions more and more frequently, reassessing infrastructure needs as overspending becomes an increasing concern. Cloud-based users further find themselves questioning the necessity of cloud subscriptions, applications, and licensing costs, especially with the rise of hybrid work models.

Due to the lack of transparency and itemized billing, cloud users are often unaware of what they are actually paying for when they pay a flat rate. This lack of clarity and understanding frequently leads to inefficient resource use and overspending. Subscription management presents many challenges, and WorkSmart is here to simplify and optimize it for our clients.

In this article, we’ll explore how a simpler, straightforward approach to cloud services can help businesses reduce subscription overload.

Streamlining Cloud Confusion

Businesses that once heavily invested in office-based infrastructure are now rethinking what’s truly essential, especially as hybrid work models have become mainstream. Keeping track of cloud subscriptions and spending is one of the biggest challenges organizations face. It is a daunting task to track services and costs due to the wide variety of service providers and their offerings.

WorkSmart simplifies subscription processes to ensure organizations understand what they are paying for, all while implementing best practices. Customers partner with us to help them identify unnecessary subscriptions, optimize storage, and determine which options are best for them. We prioritize the right technology, not just more technology. At WorkSmart, efficiency and relevance matter more than sheer volume – or trying to make a quick buck on a sale that doesn’t really benefit the client.

Personalized, Cost-Effective, and Necessity-Based Services

During the pandemic, many providers pushed for instant purchases. Subscription services bundle different features, many of which were probably unnecessary for small to medium-sized companies. But when it comes to IT, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of options and settle for a standardized package – even if it doesn’t fit your needs. WorkSmart’s personalized approach guarantees that clients invest only in solutions tailored to their needs. Our team evaluates your infrastructure and objectives, pinpointing the most efficient and profitable solution. We customize our recommendations to your requirements, ensuring both relevance and cost-effectiveness.

Overcoming Overselling with Clarity and Confidence

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) can often drive businesses to overspend on unnecessary solutions. In many cases, service providers task their sales teams with trying to convince business owners that they have to upgrade or purchase more services than what they truly require.

Our team of experts guides customers through the complexities of their IT requirements, debunking myths, and helping you make the best decision for your organization. We prioritize transparency and honesty, steering clear of overselling unnecessary services to safeguard your bottom line. Rather than looking for short-term solutions, we focus on creating long-term partnerships with our clients to foster sustained success. This approach aligns with our mission to establish an enduring partnership dedicated to helping clients realize their full potential.

Realistic IT Solutions Through Transparent Consultations

Transparency is important when it comes to IT services. Business owners need to know what they require, instead of being pushed into purchasing services that may not be essential. WorkSmart values transparency and honesty in our consultations. Our team takes the time to understand your business needs, goals, and budget constraints. We provide clear and detailed explanations of the services and solutions that align with your needs, ensuring that you invest only in what is necessary for your business’s success. We work tirelessly to ensure that all solutions are tailored to every customer’s unique needs.

Reconciliation Made Easy

Reconciling expenses and managing subscriptions can be a daunting task for any size business. It may be necessary for organizations to create processes to track their spending and determine if they are getting value for their money. Our team stands by to introduce new processes and facilitate a clear understanding of your spending and subscriptions. We will help you consolidate and analyze your subscription data, and provide reports with insights that enable you to make informed decisions. As a result, you’ll be able to reconcile your expenses and ensure your subscriptions align with your business objectives.

WorkSmart brings a human touch to technology services, creating an environment where clients genuinely love the people they work with. This personalized approach is especially beneficial for businesses within an hour of WorkSmart’s locations in Durham, Charlotte, Alpharetta, Greensboro, and North Philadelphia. Specializing in providing in-person and value-driven assistance to businesses with 10–100 computer users, WorkSmart delivers not only the right technology but also enduring relationships and a team you’ll appreciate to the fullest degree.

Contact WorkSmart today to discuss your cloud subscription needs. And stay tuned for our next article, where we will delve into responsive and proactive IT support. With WorkSmart, you’ll find that you always have a dedicated IT team on hand to respond to your needs.


How Can Outsourced IT Support Enhance Customer Experience?

Outsourced IT service companies do more than just resolve tech support problems. They’re known to provide services such as cybersecurity, data recovery, cloud services, and data backup.

But businesses can also outsource their customer service. By doing so, they get access to resources and expertise created to improve customer relations.

Outsourced IT Support Defined

Outsourced IT support is similar to having a team of professionals on call for your organization, ready to go to work whenever you run into a problem.

However, outsourced IT support services consist of more than just solving IT problems. A skilled, outsourced provider will assist you with anything technology-related, as well as helping you with your customer service needs.

Outsourcing and its Function in Customer Service

Outsourcing is a business strategy that involves entrusting certain jobs to a third-party organization. This third-party provider could be responsible for completing any task from any department. By outsourcing, businesses can focus on developing their business strategies while the outsourced provider manages the chosen jobs.

For small businesses and mid-size businesses, outsourcing offers them access to skills, knowledge, and technology that they may have a difficult time affording. Another appealing factor is scalability, letting businesses require services based on their needs.

The Link Between Outsourcing and Customer Service

There are considerable benefits for a business that outsources its customer service such as the ability to improve customer interactions. A business can focus on its essential functions while the outsourced IT provider delivers high-quality customer service.

Even startups, small businesses, or mid-size businesses can notably enhance their customer service through tactical outsourcing, creating a powerful brand reputation from the beginning phases.

How Outsourced IT Support Can Enhance Your Customer Service

Scalability and Flexibility

To manage changeability in customer demands, outsourcing customer service grants scalability and flexibility.

An outsourced IT support service provider can modify the necessary number of customer service representatives to manage:

  • Peak periods
  • Holiday season
  • Summer vacation time
  • Seasonal demands

Outsourcing customer support isn’t just letting a provider respond to inquiries and complaints. A provider offers other services that are beneficial like outbound sale calls. If a business is interested in customer feedback, have a provider conduct telephone or web form surveys.

Outsourcing ensures that businesses offer customer support that is timely and effective at all times.

Access to Expertise

Outsourced customer service provides an organization with a group of skilled experts experienced in giving customer support. These outsourced providers usually possess a wide span of expertise such as best practices for customer interaction, multi-channel support abilities, and industry-specific knowledge.

The outsourced customer service consultants concentrate mainly on customer engagements, having the ability to deal with vastly different customer types. Leveraging their proficiency leads to better customer satisfaction and service.

By deciding to outsource, organizations get access to a pool of specific skills. Whether it’s call center outsourcing or content moderation outsourcing, these providers deliver a level of proficiency that can increase the excellence of customer interactions.

Expertly Qualified Call Managers

An outsourced provider already has a qualified staff of customer service representatives. These experts are extremely trained, and a provider will guarantee that they all get the same training to deliver proper customer support.

The reps will be trained in many scenarios so that they can develop into call managers. Call managers work swiftly toward solutions. Because they are knowledgeable in many areas of a business brand, they won’t have to transfer a customer support call to another professional.

Having highly qualified call managers can help customer problems get a resolution more swiftly, meaning customers spend more time enjoying the service or product they bought and less time on the phone.

Strengthens Customer Service

Companies outsource because they want to better their customer experience. They also don’t want to use, or rather overuse, in-house team members. Outsourcing can help companies get a clearer picture of what they want to accomplish. Therefore, when they outsource their customer service, it strengthens their customer service.

24/7 Support

More and more, customers want 24/7 access to their business, especially since businesses are now going global and crossing various time zones. Any downtime can disrupt their business processes. So, working with an outsourced IT support company is the best way to stop it. Through outsourcing, businesses can guarantee 24/7 customer service, fulfilling customer expectations and improving their experience.

Outsourcing also lets businesses improve their resources efficiently. By giving customer service tasks to an outsourced IT support provider, businesses can distribute their energy, money, and time on core strategies that require their expertise and attention.

Outstanding customer service, encouraged by strategic outsourcing, could be an important promoter of business growth. Happy customers tend to turn into repeat customers and support the brand, thus impacting business expansion.

The Employee Experience is the Customer Experience

The notion of offering employees more control and flexibility over their professional and personal lives, businesses enrich the employee experience. In turn, this heightens engagement, the answer to better productivity, while decreasing absences among employees. Moreover, since business operations aren’t centered on one location, businesses benefit from more flexibility and endurance.


When a business decides to outsource its customer service, it can improve the customer experience by boosting its availability and enhancing the quality of its service. However, this necessitates dedication from a business to do it for the reasons, with the right outsourced partner that uses the right model.

The Outsourced Provider with Effective Solutions and Services

As a business owner, assess your outsourcing choices carefully, selecting the one that coincides with your business model, brand, and goals. You can bring effectiveness and reliability to your business infrastructure by working with an outsourced IT company such as WorkSmart.

Our consultants welcome the chance to discuss how we can help your business obtain more benefits from using our outsourcing solutions and services. By partnering with us, you get the promise to attain the greatest return on your outsourced customer service investment. Schedule a free consultation today.


How Can Managed IT Services Help With Business Growth?

In today’s dynamic business environment, robust and efficient IT operations play a vital role in supporting growth and competitiveness. This is where the concept of managed IT services comes into play. But how exactly can managed IT services catalyze your business growth? Let’s unravel this together.

Many business owners harbor the misconception that managed IT services simply represent a break-fix solution. They believe these services only exist to maintain hardware or resolve technical issues on an as-needed basis. However, businesses today require much more than just isolated technical support.

Managed IT services include a wide array of services that range from outsourced IT support, to cyber security, cloud management, data security and backups, and even IT strategy and planning. By leveraging these services, you can not only augment your business operations but also pave the way for sustainable growth.

So how exactly can these services help with business growth?

Building a More Efficient Business

The reality is that managed IT services offer a cutting-edge, comprehensive approach to manage digital platforms. This allows businesses to function more efficiently and accelerate growth: the primary objective of any commercial entity.

High-quality managed IT services enhance not only your technological infrastructure but also streamlines your business processes, optimizing them for peak productivity. This in turn, improves your overall operational efficiency.

Strategic Planning and Collaboration

A managed IT service provider walks alongside your business, collaboratively not only strategizing but also implementing IT developments which align with your growth objectives. They bring to the table specialized knowledge and experience to assist in charting out a strategic IT roadmap for your business.

At Worksmart, an expert in Managed IT Services in Charlotte NC, we have experienced consultants ready to help you find the right products and services that your business needs to be productive. Our IT strategy meetings will help you plan for future technology needs, so you never have to play catch-up and you’re always one step ahead.

Enhanced Data Security and Backups

Managed IT services also include important data security measures. Expert IT teams, like Worksmart, work tirelessly to ensure systems are protected against cyber threats. Regular data backups mean your critical business data is always secure, even in the event of unexpected system failures or breaches. This level of data security provides tranquility to both business owners and their customers.

Also, navigating the labyrinth of strict data privacy laws and regulations can be quite daunting. This is where an experienced IT Company such as Worksmart steps in. Leveraging their unique expertise, they guide your business on the path of growth, all while rigorously maintaining adherence to all relevant laws.

Outsourced IT Services for Extra Efficiency

Outsourcing IT services can be an economical way to efficiently manage your business technology needs. Without the need to continually invest in hardware upgrades and updates, or upkeep an in-house IT team, businesses can focus on their core purposes. This focus aids in accelerated growth.

Cost-Effective Benefits

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for managed IT services is the considerable cost-savings on offer. By outsourcing your IT tasks to a specialized provider, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for in-house IT staff.

The cost-saving benefits extend beyond just staffing. Businesses often find themselves having to invest heavily in the latest hardware, software, and other technical resources to stay ahead of cyber threats and remain competitive. Managed IT providers can offer these resources at a fraction of the cost, thanks to their economy of scale. And, with reliable, around-the-clock managed IT services, unexpected IT problems are dealt with promptly, preventing costly downtime.

Utilizing Cloud Management for Scalability

Cloud management serves as a crucial component of modern managed IT services. It essentially refers to the various services and software products designed to operate and monitor applications, data, and services residing in the cloud. There are many ways that cloud management helps facilitate business growth and scalability. Let’s take a look at some:

Effortless Scalability: 

The dynamic nature of business often demands rapid expansion or downsizing. With traditional IT infrastructure, this would mean a significant investment in hardware or wasted resources. Cloud management simplifies this process by allowing you to scale your IT resources up or down at a moment’s notice to meet these changes. Managed IT services providers help orchestrate such scalability effortlessly, preventing any possible disruption to your operations.

Remote Accessibility:

The beauty of the cloud is that it allows you to access your business data and applications from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. A managed IT services provider can set up your infrastructure in such a way that your team can work remotely with the same efficiency as if they were in the office. This flexibility is particularly beneficial during uncertain times and can contribute significantly to business growth.

Cost Saving: 

Cloud structures help you reduce both capital and operational costs. With cloud management, you avoid substantial upfront investment in IT hardware and software, as well as the cost of maintaining and updating it. Your managed IT service provider will take care of these aspects, allowing you to focus resources on strategic areas for business growth.

Save Time And Leave It To The Experts

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to engage managed IT services is the significant time-saving benefit it provides. As a business owner, you know better than anyone how precious your time is. By outsourcing your IT management, you are able to focus on areas of your business that require your attention and expertise.

Here at Worksmart, our cyber experts can take care of everything from system maintenance to server issues, ensuring your daily operations can continue without a hitch. But we don’t stop there, our team is committed to introducing a plethora of innovative solutions aimed at fueling your business’s growth trajectory.


So in conclusion, managed IT services are more than an operational necessity; they are a strategic tool that can accelerate your business growth and provide a competitive edge. By embracing managed IT services, you open a world of possibilities for business efficiency, strategic planning, advanced data security, and cost-effectiveness. It becomes possible to enhance your company’s scale and reach, all while saving time and leveraging expert knowledge. Therefore, entrusting this crucial aspect of your business to experts. like Worksmart, will ensure both stability and progress.

Looking for seasoned IT experts that understand the nitty-gritty of your business needs? Make a smart move with Worksmart, your reliable partner for Managed IT Services in Charlotte NC.


Why Should Small to Mid-Size Businesses Outsource IT Support?

Running a business is an exercise in multi-tasking. There are always plenty of things going on, and a number of issues that always need to be addressed. The last thing the owner of a growing business needs is for things to come to a screeching halt because of technology issues. Information technology (IT) specialists can help with these issues, but not all businesses have the resources to bring on one of these professionals full-time.

In today’s fast-paced world, computers, tablets, and cell phones are an integral part of any business. Any period of downtime likely means lost revenue. Because of this reliance on important technology, it’s important for the downtime to be as short as possible – if it can’t be prevented in the first place.  Using an outsourced IT company is a cost-effective way for these types of business owners to keep things running smoothly.

Cost-Effective Access to Expertise

The biggest benefit of using outsourced IT professionals is the price point. Maintaining an in-house IT department can get expensive, even if it’s only one person. Outsourcing this kind of support allows small and mid-size business owners to access the knowledge of a specialized team without incurring the cost of finding, hiring and training full-time employees. It also cuts out the cost of providing those employees with benefits and having to invest more in infrastructure before you’re ready.

This outside IT support also gives the business owner access to a diverse team of skilled professionals with expertise in a number of areas. This ensures that the small or mid-size business owner receives high-quality support and solutions for their specific needs. The owner of a growing business might not be able to afford that type of help otherwise, or they’d have to settle for a less comprehensive solution.

Security, Support & Scalability

Cybersecurity is a significant concern for any business. IT support can put robust security measures in place to protect the data and systems of their clients. This reduces the risk of data breaches and other security incidents – which might not always happen during business hours. Many IT support companies will offer assistance around the clock, making sure that technical issues will be addressed as they arise. This continuous support helps minimize downtime and productivity loss.

Along with dealing with IT issues as they arise, outsourced IT companies also make it easier for business owners as their enterprises grow. When growing businesses get bigger, their IT support is going to have to adjust and evolve. By outsourcing IT, it allows for scalability. That means providers will easily be able to adjust their services to accommodate the changing requirements of the business. This reduces risk through the growth, since handling IT internally may lead to oversights or mistakes that produce severe consequences.

Outsourcing IT can be a strategic decision for any small or mid-size business, allowing them to lever the specialized expertise at reduced costs to help sustain their growth. For more information on how outsourced IT could work for your business, reach out to the experts at WorkSmart today.


What are IT Solutions and Services?

IT solutions are services and software programs sold in a single package. The goal is to help customers effectively resolve an issue or complex situation.

IT solutions specifically refer to a group of services used for the sole intention of resolving IT-based problems. An IT solution can consist of hardware, software, IT services, or all three. A skilled IT technician from an IT managed service company can apply solutions that:

  • Heighten productivity
  • Increase the security and safety of your business
  • Guarantee you get high-quality IT support for your money

Common IT Support Services

When selecting an IT support company, it is crucial to take into consideration the host of services that they provide. IT includes a vast assortment of technological solutions, covering all things tech from network to infrastructure. Common services include:

IT support – email support, phone support, troubleshooting internet and intranet issues, as well as solving general tech problems.

Data backup and recovery – cybersecurity strategies that assist businesses in protecting their data due to data loss or system failure.

Cybersecurity – all businesses must have adequate firewalls and proper anti-virus software to stop cyberattacks and malicious activity.

Cloud Services – with cloud services, transporting data to the cloud is simple and stress-free. When you hire an IT solutions provider, the aim is to give you peace of mind that your data is secure and frequently backed up.

If you have an in-house IT support department, outsourcing to an IT managed service provider doesn’t mean replacing your IT staff. These services are an addition to current resources, letting your IT employees focus on their job duties.

Advantages of Using IT Solutions for Your Business

IT solutions can deliver numerous advantages to your business. These include:

  • Flexibility: IT solutions can be adjusted to answer the transforming needs of a business.
  • Affordability: IT solutions aid businesses in decreasing their costs with maintenance and software.
  • Adjustability: IT solutions offer support to work-from-home employees and remote workers, encouraging work-life balance and improving the mental and physical well-being of the staff.
  • Enhanced proficiency: IT solutions can help improve productivity by streamlining processes and automating work.
  • Improved client services: IT solutions can help businesses offer better client services, creating solid relationships with customers.
  • Heightened security: IT solutions can help businesses thwart cyberattacks, safeguarding their systems and data.

Goals for Partnering with an IT Managed Service Provider

Begin looking at various IT managed service providers when you determine what your needs are. Do some online research before making your decision. The goal of IT solutions businesses is to enhance productivity, decrease downtime, and simplify processes.

Outsourcing your IT needs, instead of using your in-house IT support team, can save you time and money. Instead of paying overtime to overworked, stressed employees, you’ll partner with an IT-managed service company staffed with experts who are familiar with the latest IT trends and developments.

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Can Managed IT Services Support Both On-Premises and Remote Work Environments?

Partnering with a managed IT services provider can help businesses stay productive by providing the resources to flourish. Without access to the right technology and tools, companies sustaining a remote workforce could encounter security threats, income loss, and a lack of communication.

Managed IT Services and How They Protect

Managed IT services are becoming progressively significant in delivering support to companies that employ remote workers. As information technology keeps advancing, more companies are hiring managed IT services providers to simplify how they run their technology. Managed IT services provide numerous benefits for companies with on-premises and remote employees including:

  • Heighten security
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Better management processes
  • Enhanced productivity

All these are crucial points for the bottom line of any company.

Cloud Support

Using cloud support, a managed IT services provider helps organizations with resources such as networking, databases, data storage, and software. For instance, cloud-based services allow businesses to store vital data on a remote database instead of a local storage drive.

Using cloud services is vital for companies offering remote work. Employees must be able to access storage, services, and crucial applications at any time from any device.

Dependable Internet Connection

One of the most vital features is providing a dependable internet connection for remote workers. Managed IT services can guarantee remote workers have the speed and bandwidth necessary to do their work.

Cyber Threats Protection

Managed IT services providers play a vital role in safeguarding remote workers and their data from cyber threats. They help safeguard businesses from:

  • Malware
  • Malicious activities
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing attacks

Managed IT services providers also can companies implement policies and procedures to make sure that remote employees follow best practices in cybersecurity.

IT Security

One of the biggest concerns for remote work is the safety of customer and employee information. IT security provided by a managed IT services provider ensures that your business is safeguarded from any cyber risks.

Multi-Factor Authentication

With the number of remote workers steadily increasing, it is vital to make sure that a company’s business and data are safe from malicious individuals. Managed IT services providers offer multi-factor authentication to help stop unauthorized access. Multi-factor authentication makes users provide extra evidence. For example, a password or one-time link is needed to log into my account.

Video Conferencing and Communication Tools

Managed IT services providers can guarantee that employees stay connected while working remotely thanks to video conferencing and communication tools. This is significant for teams that must collaborate on projects. Team members can work together and exchange ideas without needing to be on-premises.

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Can Managed IT Services Help with Technology Upgrades and Scalability?

A thriving company needs a skilled IT department to keep everything functional. As companies scale, IT must be able to accommodate more requests that require a higher level of proactiveness, skills, and knowledge.

How Managed IT Services Can Help

Managed IT services provide strategic, cost-effective solutions, giving companies the much-needed scalability and support to thrive.

WorkSmart realizes the distinctive needs of organizations during their development phase, delivering a host of technology services including:

  • Managed and Co-Managed IT Services
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Cybersecurity

Our solutions and expertise assist you in remaining compliant while scaling your operations for what’s in store.

Necessary Scalability

Managed IT services deliver the scalability necessary to deal with modifying demands and fast growth. As your business develops, managed service providers can swiftly scale your IT infrastructure to assist with developing technologies, more users, and bigger workloads.

They have the skills, resources, and knowledge to effortlessly upgrade any network, software, and hardware, guaranteeing that your IT department keeps pace with your increasing business requirements.

24-Hour Monitoring and Comprehensive IT Support

One of the biggest advantages of managed IT services is the 24-hour monitoring and comprehensive support they deliver.

Instead of depending on a reaction, a “tit-for-tat” approach, managed IT service providers have a more proactive attitude, constantly monitoring your IT infrastructure to detect and solve possible problems before they affect your business operations. This type of workmanship results in enhanced productivity and less downtime, enabling your IT staff to focus on strategic plans instead of spending time putting out “little fires everywhere.”

Managed IT service providers consist of expert technicians who will recognize pinpoint performance bottlenecks and deal with vulnerabilities quickly. This proactive support means the functionality of your business will be seamless even during times of rapid expansion.

The Speed of Change in the IT Sector

In the IT sector, things can change swiftly. This is why hiring a managed IT service provider has been a key option for many businesses. The speed of changes in the IT industry is okay when you’re ready. However, it can cause a disaster when you aren’t.

Businesses that don’t adapt risk a hit to their profits and revenue. As competitors come into play, companies must come to terms with the speed that their technology can change when necessary. This is where a managed IT service provider comes into play.

Upgrades Can Be Pricey

When a business purchases software and hardware, the cost can be quite pricey. When upgrades are necessary, they can hit the profits and revenue hard. If a company decides to do the upgrades on a schedule to save money, it can lead to declines in data security and workflow.

With managed IT services, your IT department doesn’t have to deal with any upgrades. The smooth operation of your business stays intact while keeping in step with any necessary technological upgrades.

Managed IT Services in Charlotte, NC

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