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What is Managed IT Support?

Outsourcing IT support has become common practice for organizations of all industries and sizes. The ability to keep up with new technological advancements and increase efficiency is crucial. Managed IT support can help your company thrive in today’s quickly changing tech landscape.

This article will explore what managed IT support means and why so many organizations choose to partner with third-party companies for these essential business operations.

An Overview of Managed IT Support

As the world shifts and technologies change, more businesses seek managed IT support to keep their business on track and remain competitive. There are several types of IT services:

Network monitoring

System and network threat monitoring is one of the most time-consuming processes for any business. A managed service provider can provide proactive remote monitoring and management platforms that streamline processes and reduce downtime. Your core staff can remain focused on work that drives the company forward instead of getting bogged down with menial tasks that consume their day.

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System upgrades

Managed service providers get to know your company’s operations, goals, and weak spots. They utilize the right technologies and trends to redesign or upgrade systems, allowing your company to stay competitive and adapt to changes.

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Cybersecurity is critical in a world where attacks become more sophisticated every day. A managed service provider can protect your company’s critical data by being aware of new threats, monitoring systems round-the-clock, and providing regular software security patches.

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Many organizations do not have in-house expertise in compliance, but it is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. Managed service providers partner with experts to offer top guidance on all compliance regulations, including payment information, client data, and other sensitive matters.

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Your company’s data is crucial to its daily operations and ability to plan for the future. Keeping your data safe requires significant time, resources, and knowledge. A managed service provider works to ensure the protection and integrity of your company’s data. This includes providing trusted backups so data can be recovered quickly after a disaster.

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Why Do Companies Choose Managed IT Support?

Outsourcing managed IT services has become more popular over the last decade and demand is growing steadily. So, why do companies choose to outsource their IT support instead of having an in-house team?

Several factors have driven the increase in demand for managed IT support:

  • Need for businesses to adopt new technologies
  • Increase in regulatory compliance requirements related to technology
  • Looming threats of cyber attacks
  • Lack of expertise in key areas
  • Significant expense of hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team
  • Need for long term strategy and forecasting for IT investments
  • Wanting more predictable IT costs
  • Accountability while your core staff is out of office

A managed service provider offers your company access to experts in a broad range of specialties and the most innovative technologies and applications for a fixed monthly payment. Working with managed IT support means your company won’t spend time and resources hiring and managing new staff or simply reacting to problems as they arise. Businesses with outsourced IT services can stay agile, competitive, and innovative–all within your budget.

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