IT Strategy and Planning

Make your technology support your business

Now it’s time to raise the bar and make IT an advantage for your organization to drive value, eliminate risk, and increase productivity. That’s why we make IT strategy a part of your service plan.

Our Service Delivery Team partners with you to understand your business and provide guidance on how to use technology to achieve your goals. You gain the strategic expertise of a well-developed internal IT team without the cost of one.

Our IT Strategy and Planning Services

Our IT strategy and planning services are flexible so they support your business needs as they grow. We make sure existing tools work well and add the right value. We look for opportunities to strengthen security and prioritize data protection.


During regular IT strategy meetings, our Account Managers get to know your business goals.

Service Delivery

Together with the Service Manager and Consultants, we’ll create a technology plan to guide decisions about IT.

customized service plan

It’s not a one-time effort. We’ll meet on a regular basis to review and refresh your IT strategy.

We have the details covered

Our teams can take on projects big and small so your team can stay focused on your business. Some of the projects we’re well-equipped to tackle include:

  • Upgrading the infrastructure in your office, from building networks to refreshing your computers
  • Moving email to Microsoft 365
  • Building flexibility with Azure’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings
  • Deployment of Microsoft 365 services
  • Replacing the phone system in your office with hosted voice (or VoIP) solutions
  • Finding the right internet connection for the right price and reliability
  • Coordinating your office move with our Corporate Relocation Services




“I'm incredibly impressed by the communication and proactive service we're receiving from every team member. The difference between WorkSmart and our past IT service providers is incomparable...”




“We love working with the support team at WorkSmart. They respond quickly and do anything necessary to help with our request.”


Operations Coordinator


"WorkSmart has been my "go-to" IT resource for more years than I remember. The service has been exceptional from the very first day we signed on with the company. I've been so impressed with each and every individual you sent over to our facility, or I worked with by phone. Each one has taught me more and more about the changing IT environment, how to troubleshoot various problems, set up equipment, and so much more. "


Executive Assistant


"Whether remotely or in person, WorkSmart always responds super-quickly to our requests for HELP! It's obvious that you understand how hard it is to conduct business when a system is down, or even one computer, as was the case this morning. Marco has come to our rescue before, and I/we are so very appreciative of him ... and you all! THANK YOU!!! "


Administrative Assistant


“I like everyone I deal with at WorkSmart. They are always kind (especially when I'm stressing) and fast!.”


Legal Assistant


“I truly need your support, and your support has never failed to be outstanding; thanks to all staff members for your exceptional support.”


Project Development Assistant

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