WorkSmart Continues Expansion Into 2022

As we turn the corner on the second half of 2022, WorkSmart is thrilled to announce that we have continued to grow – both in the clients we serve and also our internal team members.

We have now expanded our Managed IT Services into Philadelphia and surrounding areas as we’ve added around 15 new clients across the region. Continuing to focus on our core values has enabled us to organically grow, while also ensuring that our clients’ needs are met. By doing the right thing, staying curious, and continuously working to build strong personal connections, our team is able to provide best-in-class service to help our clients reach their fullest potential.

Alongside the expansion in our client base, we’ve also expanded our internal team to help best serve these clients. We’ve been fortunate to add over 20 hardworking and reliable team members in the last year that have all quickly jumped in and crushed their new roles. While these folks bring extremely valuable IT expertise with them, they also demonstrate our core values to the fullest extent and are already providing our clients with the best IT experience.

We’re excited to continue growing and providing opportunities for both our clients and internal team members as we work to simplify IT with the right mix of people, systems, and technologies.