Managed IT Services


Support Business Growth with Managed IT Services

Outsourcing your IT management to WorkSmart means reliable systems and happy end users all day, every day. Along with our team of experts, our managed IT services improve productivity and enhance security while keeping costs predictable.

We’ll work with you to customize a plan with services and technologies that fit your organization’s goals.

24x7 IT Support

Technology breaks. Urgent IT issues happen. WorkSmart is here to help when you need it, including weekends and holidays.

Proactive Maintenance

With monitoring tools and automated maintenance ensuring your user systems & servers work well, you can stay focused on your business.

Cybersecurity Services

Your data needs to be protected. Our team eliminates the fear of cyber threats with the right solutions to safeguard against them and the training to raise your team’s level of security awareness.

Data Backups & Recovery

You need the right solutions to protect against data loss. We make sure you have the right tools as well as help you prepare to be covered in the event of a disaster.

IT Strategy

Your Account Manager helps you create a strategic IT plan that meets the long-term goals of the organization.

Professional Services

Your technology grows with your business. Our consultants help plan and execute upgrades in advance so you can avoid business disruption.

We Can Be Your IT or Support Your IT

Managed IT Services

You want to focus on your business and fully outsource IT support/guidance to the experts.

Co-Managed IT Services

You want tools and expertise to compliment your internal IT team’s efforts.

Three Managed IT Service Plans to Fit Your Needs

Designed to help your organization develop and implement IT strategies that meet both needs and budget.

ManagedShield Basic

BASIC is for businesses that want the tools to improve uptime while keeping costs low. LEARN MORE

ManagedShield Plus

PLUS is for businesses that need to get IT support when they need it while staying within a budget (most popular). LEARN MORE

ManagedShield Complete

COMPLETE is for businesses that want the most coverage for getting help when something is wrong. LEARN MORE

CoPilot with Co-Managed IT Services

If you have an IT team, our co-managed IT service, CoPilot, offers a cost-effective way to add to your in-house capabilities. CoPilot provides the right people and technologies while you remain in control.



“I’m incredibly impressed by the communication and proactive service we’re receiving from every team member. The difference between WorkSmart and our past IT service providers is incomparable…”



“We love working with the support team at WorkSmart. They respond quickly and do anything necessary to help with our request.”


Operations Coordinator

“WorkSmart has been my “go-to” IT resource for more years than I remember. The service has been exceptional from the very first day we signed on with the company. I’ve been so impressed with each and every individual you sent over to our facility, or I worked with by phone. Each one has taught me more and more about the changing IT environment, how to troubleshoot various problems, set up equipment, and so much more. “


Executive Assistant

“Whether remotely or in person, WorkSmart always responds super-quickly to our requests for HELP! It’s obvious that you understand how hard it is to conduct business when a system is down, or even one computer, as was the case this morning. Marco has come to our rescue before, and I/we are so very appreciative of him … and you all! THANK YOU!!! “


Administrative Assistant

“I like everyone I deal with at WorkSmart. They are always kind (especially when I’m stressing) and fast!.”


Legal Assistant

“I truly need your support, and your support has never failed to be outstanding; thanks to all staff members for your exceptional support.”


Project Development Assistant

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