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Simplify Collaboration in Your
Organization with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams gives small businesses the tools to work together from anywhere. Providing an online workspace, Teams brings people together and dramatically increases productivity for your organization. Read on to learn how Microsoft Teams incorporates everything your team needs to work together effectively in one place.

Tools Used to Improve Collaboration
Among Your Team Include:


Keeping your team in sync requires a single place for a team to securely share messages, files, and relevant tools. With Microsoft Teams, you create focused spaces around shared projects, departments, or whatever works best for your organization. Leverage familiar Office apps like Word in Microsoft Teams to work on files together in real time. Go a step further by connecting Teams with your other business apps to make achieving results even easier.


our team can connect instantly by sending messages or making calls in Microsoft Teams. Whether in one-on-one conversations or with a group, you can keep everyone connected and reduce the email clutter.


Microsoft Teams makes convening online simple, so your team can host high-quality meetings, trainings, and webinars without the added cost of an online video conferencing software.

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Microsoft Teams Faqs:

  • How does my organization get it? Teams is included with Microsoft 365 business and enterprise plans. It is available as a desktop app, a mobile app, or in a computer’s browser.
  • Is it available for Macs? Yes!
  • Is it the same as using Zoom Meetings? Zoom Meetings offers video calling and conferencing subscriptions with similar functions. However, it does not include the other collaborative must-haves like file storage, co-authoring documents, and continuous group conversations.
  • Should I backup Microsoft Teams? Microsoft doesn’t provide an easily recoverable backup of your organization’s data. A third-party backup can back up the many moving parts of Microsoft Teams and restore them quickly.

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