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Summer Series: Get To Work Quickly with Windows Autopilot

Whether it be a PC for a new team member or a replacement one, getting your team up and running quickly is key. Windows Autopilot provides a fast and thorough setup process to help keep your team focused on what they do best.

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Head in the Cloud? What You Need to Know About Cloud Technology

It’s no surprise that many businesses are making the move towards a cloud environment, especially given the flexibility and scalability that it allows. However, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to making the switch.

How can small businesses continue to be competitive by shifting towards the cloud, while also staying productive and secure?

Join us for a discussion as we break down the cloud with things to consider as you make the switch.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on strategies to help your organization better understand the options so you can adopt the right cloud technologies. With 20 years of experience working with small businesses, we’ll answer the most common questions, including:

  • Should we move our server to the cloud?
  • How do we keep secure in the cloud?
  • What does the migration to the cloud look like?

  1. Cloud Technology (starts at 1:52)
  2. Cloud Security (starts at 13:45)
  3. Cloud Migration (starts at 22:17)

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Cheat Code: How To Master Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing is crucial to being able to collaborate with others – especially in the hybrid workplace. We’re not always working in the same brick and mortar space, yet we need to be working on the same project.

The process of secure file sharing through Microsoft 365 is simple, but there are a few settings you should take notice of to make sure that your files are staying secure and not getting in the wrong hands.

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#Winning: A Discussion on Guiding Your Teams to Success

A highly productive team that can communicate, create, and solve problems is key to growing your organization. And, the right mix of tools, processes, and people builds a healthy team.

That’s why we’re focusing this 1-hour discussion on using technology, metrics, and hiring as tools to guide your team to success.

What you’ll learn:

  • An overview of keeping teams on track with Microsoft 365 apps
  • How you can use metrics to define success, keep a pulse on what’s happening in the business, and do more of what’s fueling your growth
  • Tips for maturing your hiring process so you can hire good employees to be part of a great team

Meet our guests:

Brent Sprinkle, owner at TrueNorth Business Navigation

As owner and lead guide at TrueNorth Business Navigation, Brent guides leaders in implementing a set of simple, proven, and practical tools to build a successful business.

Before his work with TrueNorth Business Navigation and guided by a strong desire to have a major impact, Brent worked in management, successfully leading a number of software and hardware technology development teams ranging in size from 8 to over 800.

Cyndi Gave, owner at The Metiss Group

Cyndi has been leading The Metiss Group since 1996 but learned her passion for people long before. Cyndi’s human behavior studies started with an international temporary staffing company, reshaping their job matching and business model to earn the branch Profit Center of The Year. Cyndi would go on to hold executive roles in HR departments for automotive, property management, distribution, publishing, and robotics industries.

A business leader at heart, Cyndi has found her niche to impact business results best through advising leaders in their quest for an effective employee selection process, the means to accelerate employee performance, and strengthening organizational health.


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Hosted VoIP with Nextiva

If your phone system still lives in your office, you may want to consider how you can benefit from moving it to the cloud.

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Virtual Reality: Managing Users in the Cloud

The modern workplace is cloud-centric which means more flexibility but, also, more risk. In our Virtual Reality webinar, our Technical Account Manager shares how we can strengthen data security by better managing users in the cloud.

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Digital Transformation: New Webinar Series Starts Today!

We hope that you enjoyed our Remote Office Series over the past twelve weeks! It is, sadly, over, but we’ve got a whole new 13 episode series starting today, July 9th.

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Home Office Hardware Solutions with Lenovo

Is your technology built for a more flexible workplace? If your team is working from home, you want to make sure they have the right tools to stay connected and productive.

Watch this webinar featuring Lenovo’s hardware solutions for your remote employees.

In this webinar, Lenovo will take you on a virtual product tour of Lenovo’s best devices for flexible workspaces that enables your team to have more device mobility while staying productive and secure.

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The Benefits of Hosted VoIP

Many small businesses are rethinking their communications strategy after the quick shift to remote work that came with COVID-19. Moving your phone system to the cloud helps your team stay connected. If your phone is still on-premise, you may want to consider how you can benefit from hosted VoIP.

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Remote Work Tips: Productivity While Working from Home

Stay at home and be productive! That’s the goal for so many of us right now. For those of us still adjusting to working from home, we have good news! There are lots of easy ways to stay connected and productive. The recipe involves a mix of the right technology, intentional communication, and the right mind-set. Here are a few remote work tips to help you stay productive while working from home.