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Summer Series: Get To Work Quickly with Windows Autopilot

Whether it be a PC for a new team member or a replacement one, getting your team up and running quickly is key. Windows Autopilot provides a fast and thorough setup process to help keep your team focused on what they do best.

Curious about how Autopilot works? Check it out below.

Summer Series: Episode 1



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Purchasing computers for your organization

PCs are trending at the moment. Hitting their highest level since 2014, PC sales surged during the pandemic. Worldwide sales increased by 32% over the course of just one year!

It’s not surprising as many businesses needed to buy computers that better enabled remote work. And all the households that added computers for remote learning and entertainment. Check out this blog to learn more about things to consider when purchasing computers.


How to use Microsoft Planner for managing tasks

Managing tasks with due dates can get chaotic, especially in a team atmosphere. Juggling multiple projects with varying deadlines and dependencies can overwhelm even the most organized employees.

With multiple files, documents and notes being created by each member, a task management software is an essential tool in managing these processes. Check out this blog to learn more about Planner!


Stay on track with Microsoft 365 tools

Efficiently managing all of your tasks and projects can be extremely time-consuming. With the help of a few Microsoft 365 tools, you can simplify this process and stay on track to get more work done. Check out this how-to video for a quick look at each of these tools.