Home Office Hardware Solutions with Lenovo

Is your technology built for a more flexible workplace? If your team is working from home, you want to make sure they have the right tools to stay connected and productive.

Watch this webinar featuring Lenovo’s hardware solutions for your remote employees.

In this webinar, Lenovo will take you on a virtual product tour of Lenovo’s best devices for flexible workspaces that enables your team to have more device mobility while staying productive and secure.


Remote Office Cybersecurity: An Expert-Led Discussion

Every business needs a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, the right prevention tools and technologies, and a business continuity plan in the event of a successful attack.

With the pandemic, small businesses quickly changed how they work, and experts predict those effects to be long-lasting. While not every company can stay fully remote, we can expect many companies to create more flexible work arrangements moving forward. Regardless of the plan, the future will undoubtedly bring more change. And we need to pay attention to our security efforts to make sure they evolve at the same pace.

What is the future of cybersecurity for our evolving workforce?

It’s essential to protect our organization from cyber attacks regardless of where our teams work. We’ve invited cybersecurity experts to discuss how small businesses can stay secure and prepare for potential threats. Specifically:

  • How a multi-layered security approach offers the best protection
  • Why your organization may want to consider cybersecurity insurance
  • How to quickly detect threats that got past your cyber defenses
  • Why reliable backups are your last line of defense against cyber attacks

Meet our panelists:

  • Brian Craig, Technical Account Director at WorkSmart
  • Marty Sanders, Chief Technology Officer for Managed Services at Arctic Wolf
  • TJ Iacabone, Channel Sales Engineer at Sophos
  • Chad Bickers, President at Herring and Bickers Insurance Agency

Watch our webinar with expert advice on planning your cybersecurity strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll gain insights from experts on cybersecurity to help you improve your defenses.


How to Zoom for Meetings

Remote teams are relying heavily on video conferencing, and we know Zoom is a popular choice. It’s simple to use and easily accessible, but its options and security features get complex quickly and can be hard to find.

Get the most from Zoom

To help your team get the most from the tool, we’ll take you on a tour of Zoom Meetings. You’ll learn the basics like:

  • Scheduling meetings and webinars
  • Using guest management and collaboration features
  • Keeping your meetings private and secure
  • Comparing Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars

Watch our webinar for a demo on how to use Zoom for meetings.

In this webinar, WorkSmart’s Events Manager will review best practices for successful online meetings using Zoom.


Personal Connections for Remote Teams

The right technology helps make the best collaborative and successful teams, but the most productive teams focus on strong personal connections. Your tech tools can help support those connections but relies on business leaders to encourage and create meaningful team connection.

How do you build engaged teams in a virtual workplace?

We’re shifting gears slightly with this webinar! Rather than focus on technology, Brent Sprinkle at TrueNorth Business Navigation leads a discussion to help small business owners and leaders build healthy teams even when they’re physically apart. To get more of the right work done, we’re covering:

  • The importance of checking your mental state before connecting
  • Best practices for how and when your team should be connecting
  • Ways to overcome the challenges for leading virtual meetings

Watch our webinar focused on strengthening personal connections with remote teams.

In this webinar, you’ll learn simple concepts and practical tools for helping your team work better together. Please share with your HR management and leadership team!

Are you interested in learning more about EOS for your workplace?

Send an email to Brent Sprinkle at TrueNorth Business Navigation.

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