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Marissa Explains IT All: What is multi-factor authentication?

It’s no secret that securing all of your different accounts is crucial to keeping your data protected. Multi-factor authentication helps to provide an extra layer of security by requiring users to identify themselves using more than just a username and password.

How does it work? Check out Marissa’s 60-second explanation of multi-factor authentication below!

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Marissa Explains IT All: Episode 6

“What is multi-factor authentication?”


“Multi-factor authentication, or MFA for short. When you log-in with a username, one factor to sign in is your password. Multi-factor is taking something you know (like your password), and adding on at least one more of something you have (your mobile phone or a hardware token with a PIN number), and something you are (facial recognition or other biometric scans).

A common complaint about multi-factor authentication, since you have to remember your password and have that additional factor, users don’t like it as it can be a hurdle to getting work done.

If you set it up correctly, you can have your system take the signals from when you’re logging in (what device are you using, where are you logging in from, do you have access, etc.), and then it will make decisions for you so that you’re only prompting people for additional access when its needed.”

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