Maximizing Productivity and Wellbeing at Work


When a new year rolls around, many businesses want to capitalize on that new-year-new-you energy. Looking for Q1 to set them up to hit their goals for the year, your team spent January getting to work and crossing tasks off their to-do list. But the new year feeling may start to go away. So, how can you lead your team so that they’re consistently successful throughout the entire year?

Join us for a webinar as we discuss tools to help your business capitalize on its people, processes, and technology to drive results.

This 1-hr webinar features strategic advice on pushing your business’ vision forward, ensuring growth, and maintaining employee happiness.

As a managed IT service provider, you’ll hear from us on how tech can fuel growth. You’ll also learn about creating systems to achieve results and leading highly effective teams from our two expert guests, that you can learn more about below!

What You’ll Learn:
  • Addressing the most common challenges faced by business leaders when it comes to productivity and determining the right solutions
  • Performance and workplace wellness tips to keep your team happy and well-equipped to focus on what they do best
  • Technology tools for increasing productivity, staying organized, and supporting team members


We get IT. We also know smart people

Meet our expert guests!

Paul Levering, EOS Implementer
Paul Levering, EOS Implementer Paul coaches leadership teams to help them get more of what they want from their businesses. As a certified EOS Implementer™, he helps implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), a holistic business operating system solving problems to achieve the vision.

He’s had the unique perspective of using EOS in his own companies – like BlueHat Mechanical as an owner and Leadership Team member. The real-world experience is invaluable as it helps him understand what his clients are going through because he’s on the journey himself.

To contact Paul, feel free to email him at [email protected].

Becky Jacobs, Chief Engagement Officer at Simple Change
Becky Jacobs, Chief Engagement Officer at Simple Change

Becky Jacobs is a self-described ‘efficiency nerd’ with a passion for driving sustainable change, serving others, and developing high-performing teams.

She is the Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Simple Change, which specializes in identifying the core issues impacting performance and engagement and developing practical strategies that deliver sustainable results. She is a culture-focused operations leader with more than twenty-five years of experience in senior leadership roles across multiple industries.

Becky graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in Business Management and completed her MBA at UNC Chapel Hill. She was recognized by the Triangle Business Journal as a ’40 under 40’ winner in 2015 and received her Certified Diversity Executive designation in 2021. Among her volunteer leadership roles, Becky served on the Board of InterFaith Food Shuttle for 6 years and the Advisory Board of Alexander YMCA for 9 years, also serving as Chair of their We Build People Campaign.

To contact Becky, visit Simple Change’s website!


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EOS Downloads:
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Bytes & Brews: De-Spooking the Most Common Cybersecurity Threats

It’s officially Spooky Season, but no need to fear… we’re bringing you another Bytes & Brews webinar to help keep your business from getting spooked. 

But, we’re doing it with a twist. We’re splitting our usual webinar into 5 short videos. Check them out below!

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 5 – Managing Hazardous Risks

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 4 – Mutated Malware

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 3 – The Ghost Stories of Cybersecurity

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 2 – Detecting Monsters Under the Bed

De-Spooking Cyber Threats – Episode 1 – Don’t Go Batty!

Join us as we enjoy some coffee brews and chat about how you can avoid the cybersecurity scaries (and easy tips to share with your team).


WHAT’S IN THE videos?
  1. Don’t go batty: tips for securely navigating the hybrid workplace
  2. Ways to detect for monsters under your bed (and to mitigate the effects of a cybersecurity event)
  3. The scariest ghost stories of cybersecurity (and how the right IT security strategy protects your business)
  4. Why implementing an advanced anti-virus helps to avoid mutated malware
  5. How hazardous risk management plays in a key role in IT security


Shoutout to our friends over at Capitol Coffee

Shoutout to our friends over at Capitol Coffee for providing an awesome swag bag for our registrant giveaway!

“Family owned and locally roasted in Wake Forest, North Carolina, we are focused on one simple vision: To provide a moment of calm before the chaos with a unique tasting experience of evenly roasted, rich, full-bodied flavor in every sip.

Lil’ Red is roasted in small batches. Our roasting process preserves the optimal flavor profile of our beans so that you receive the same high-quality coffee with every order.”

Check them out!


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Bytes & Brews: Fall Into Budgeting Season with a Solid IT Plan

Fall is officially here bringing cooler temps, colorful leaves, and trips to the pumpkin patch.

Bundle up with us for a new webinar series, “Bytes + Brews”, as we head to our local coffee shop to chat all things technology.

Cybersecurity - Prevention Employee-friendly Content Ransomware Webinars

Hop on Board! Security Awareness Training for Your Team

We all face potential cyber threats daily. The tricky part is that they come from all directions and look different, making them hard to see coming. UNLESS YOU’RE PREPARED.

Cybersecurity - Detection and Response Cybersecurity - Prevention Webinars

Spring into Action: Forward Thinking with Strategic Security

It’s no longer a matter of if you’re attacked, but rather when you’re attacked. Educating your team is important, but unfortunately, we can’t completely prevent attacks from happening. As a business leader, it’s crucial to have an attack response plan in place before the issue occurs.

Cybersecurity - Prevention Cybersecurity - Detection and Response Data Protection Webinars

Cybersecurity & Compliance: Managing Risks and Keeping IT Secure

Critical pieces of information created and stored by businesses must be protected. Data protection may be a legal requirement, but it’s also essential for your organization’s security.

As more technology is being used in business operations and more data is being created and stored, higher levels of regulation are required to protect personal information. IT compliance aims to hold companies accountable, and cybersecurity helps keep data secure.

Join us for a discussion as we break down regulatory compliance and effective measures to protect IT systems.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Quick overview of compliance and regulation laws that may affect your business
  • Keeping your organization on top of regulatory compliance
  • Best practices for data protection
  • The cybersecurity basics checklist

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  1. What is the Principle of Least Privilege?
  2. CREO’s website
  3. What is multi-factor authentication?
  4. Importance of testing your backups

Meet Our Guest:

Rett Summerville, Director at CREORett Summerville, Director at CREO

With over 17 years of experience working in technical and business roles in software, fintech, and consulting services, Rett is a seasoned IT security and risk management leader.

He promotes business-driven security and believes that good IT security practices can help companies be more competitive by enabling them to make better decisions quickly and confidently.

His passion for helping clients allows them to transform their culture to improve security awareness, gain efficiencies, and maintain compliance.

In this webinar, Rett joins us to share his wealth of knowledge on regulatory compliance and best practices for businesses as they navigate through the requirements.

Cybersecurity - Prevention Productivity Data Protection Webinars

Head in the Cloud? What You Need to Know About Cloud Technology

It’s no surprise that many businesses are making the move towards a cloud environment, especially given the flexibility and scalability that it allows. However, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to making the switch.

How can small businesses continue to be competitive by shifting towards the cloud, while also staying productive and secure?

Join us for a discussion as we break down the cloud with things to consider as you make the switch.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on strategies to help your organization better understand the options so you can adopt the right cloud technologies. With 20 years of experience working with small businesses, we’ll answer the most common questions, including:

  • Should we move our server to the cloud?
  • How do we keep secure in the cloud?
  • What does the migration to the cloud look like?

  1. Cloud Technology (starts at 1:52)
  2. Cloud Security (starts at 13:45)
  3. Cloud Migration (starts at 22:17)

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Marissa Explains IT All: What is multi-factor authentication?

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Marissa Explains IT All: What is the Principle of Least Privilege?

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Marissa Explains IT All: How to Choose the Right Firewall

Level up webinar series

Webinars Hybrid Work

Hybrid Office: The “Split Decision” on Where We Work

The appeal of a hybrid workforce is increasing. Many teams want the flexibility to work from anywhere but also crave the connections and the resulting creativity that came from being in the office around others.

With employees dividing time between the office and working remotely, how can small businesses continue to evolve the way we work and thrive in the new normal?

Join us for a discussion on ways to have the “best of both worlds” with the hybrid office.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on in-person and virtual strategies that can help employees stay engaged, productive, and secure.


  • Office space that fits your new normal
  • Staying equipped with the right technology
  • Top tips for cybersecurity
  • The rise of asynchronous communication
  • Advancing the employee experience

Meet Our Guests:

Michelle Eckhart, Ideation Director at PMC Commercial Interiors

As Ideation Director at PMC, Michelle leverages her expertise in interior design, behavioral science, and data analytics to create places where people want to be.

Working with her clients, she curates an elevated level of research and design thinking to influence how an environment will look and how people will feel and interact within it.

Dawn Church, Employee Experience Coordinator at WorkSmart

With 12+ years of crafting events across the spectrum: from weddings to corporate events, webinars, team builders, workshops, retreats, and too many virtual event experiments to count, Dawn has had experience in a wide variety of areas.

She deeply values positive psychology, connection, and self-development. She’s also been practicing Authentic Relating and Circling in her own day-to-day life, along with coaching and workshop-leading since 2011.

Links mentioned in the webinar:

Contact PMC

What is multi-factor authentication?

Advanced anti-virus solution

DNS Security

Webinar on Cyber Insurance

Webinars IT Strategy and Infrastructure Blog

Plan on IT: Building a Strategy

With the end of the year approaching, it’s the perfect time to review your IT strategy.

Technology drives growth when it aligns with the organization’s goals. That’s why it’s important to check in on what went well, identify what needs improvement, and create a plan that continues to help your team get work done and reduce risks.

Join us for a webinar on IT strategy planning

In this webinar,  we’re focusing the discussion on planning IT for your current and future needs. More specifically, we’re talking about building a roadmap to leverage technology and tips for improving how technology supports your operations.

Topics covered:

  • Now and Then: Reflecting on the Current State of Your Technology
  • To Infinity and Beyond: Planning for the Future (and What You May Need to Consider for 2022)
  • On the Road(map) Again: IT Planning to Make it all Happen
Meet our guest:

Jim Rappl, Senior Business Advisor, Executive Management, at WorkSmart

Jim Rappl, Senior Business Advisor, Executive Management, at WorkSmart

After building and running a successful Managed IT Services provider for 13 years, Jim sold his company (Exceptional IT Services) to WorkSmart and joined the team in 2015.

As a Senior Business Advisor, Jim’s primary responsibilities include identifying strategic growth opportunities and forging new relationships with partners to identify how WorkSmart can help them to reach their fullest potential.

Jim also serves as an active executive management team member, helping to determine and implement business direction, gauge effectiveness, and adjust regularly using the EOS methodology.


Webinars Blog Employee-friendly Content

Don’t Click on That: Cybersecurity Training for Employees

One click on the wrong link helps cyber threats sneak around your organization’s security measures.


With cybercrimes and ransomware attacks on the rise, training that helps you build good cyber hygiene remains critical. By learning about potential threats and cybersecurity best practices, you can protect yourself and your organization.

Join us for a cybersecurity training for employees.

In this webinar, we’re having a conversation about cybersecurity in a practical way. The bad guys want to trick employees, so we’ll talk about ways to avoid falling victim to cybercrime.

What you’ll learn:
  • Good password habits
  • How to share files securely
  • What ransomware is and how to prevent it
  • Why hackers use phishing, vishing, and social engineering to launch cyber attacks
  • What to be aware of when browsing the internet
  • What to do when you think something is suspicious
Meet our guests:

Rob Witteman, Project Lead at WorkSmart

With 8 years’ experience working in managed IT services, Rob has helped many small businesses strengthen their security.

As WorkSmart’s Onboarding Project Lead, Rob works on new client onboarding projects to ensure a successful start to their partnership with WorkSmart, including making sure that their cybersecurity is up to par.

By incorporating quickly-evolving cybersecurity practices into IT strategy plans, Rob helps small businesses reach their fullest potential, while also keeping them secure.

John Jarvis, Senior Business Advisor at WorkSmart

A recent addition to our Atlanta team, John has has spent the last 10 years serving companies and nonprofit organizations all across the country with his experience, creativity, and lifelong interest in technology.

John got his start at Google, where he studied technology and business analytics before going on to master discovery, scoping, and budgeting for impactful technology solutions to bring about measurable change.

In his role as Senior Business Advisor here at WorkSmart, he forges constructive relationships with new partners and identifies how WorkSmart can best help them achieve their goals.

Sam Young, Technical Support Representative

While Sam is relatively new to the world of MSPs, he’s no stranger to the ins and outs of computers. Tinkering with computers since he was a small child, Sam knows that the safest user is a well-informed one.

As a Technical Support Representative, Sam works to help our clients discern, fix and learn how to tackle their IT problems in a way that is easy to understand.

With industry standard certifications in security and networking, Sam works to not only solve any tech issues that may arise, but he also aims to prevent them from occurring in the first place by implementing proactive measures.