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4 Ways Azure AD Can Benefit Your Business

As more accounts move to the cloud, the key to securing your company’s data is managing access effectively. Find out how Azure AD can do just that.

As more accounts move to the cloud, the key to securing your company’s data is managing access effectively. Azure AD is a cloud-based identity and access management tool that helps you simplify security and allows your team to work from anywhere.

Here is how Azure AD can benefit your business when it comes to controlling access, securing and resetting passwords, and connecting applications.


Azure AD Benefit #1: Prevent Unauthorized Access

With Azure AD, you can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for free. And, by asking for an additional form of identification during sign-in, such as a code on a mobile device or a fingerprint scan, you significantly increase security. It helps protect against cyber-attacks caused by compromised or stolen passwords.

Many people get frustrated with the additional layer of security, but Azure AD simplifies the login process with something called “password-less authentication.” There’s no need for anyone to create and remember a secure password. Identity can be verified based on one possession factor (like a code from your mobile device) and an inherent factor (like a fingerprint).

Azure AD Benefit #2: Strengthen Password Security

Security Awareness Training teaches your team about good password hygiene, but Azure AD can help eliminate the use of bad passwords.

It guards your organization by detecting and blocking known weak passwords as well as any specific to your business. If a user sets their password to one of these weak passwords, they receive a notification to choose a more secure password.

Azure AD Benefit #3: Connect Applications With Single Sign-On

Azure AD can connect all your resources from cloud services (like Adobe Sign and SalesForce) to applications hosted in your office using one login. Your team can securely move between apps without having to enter a password repeatedly. And, by reducing the number of logins, it’s easier to prevent reusing passwords and manage password security from one place, instead of enforcing it across multiple apps.

Azure AD Benefit #4: Allow Employees to Reset Passwords

Azure AD’s Self Service Password Reset allows users to change their password using a web browser from any device. When they need password assistance, they can handle it themselves and return to work quickly. There’s no need to reach out to the helpdesk for remote IT support!

This applies to password changes, password resets, and account unlocks.

Using Technologies Like Azure AD Can Benefit Your Business

You may already have this helpful technology and not even realize it!

If your organization has a paid subscription to Microsoft 365, you get Azure AD at no additional cost. You can also upgrade to the Azure AD Premium subscriptions.

Azure AD enables you to streamline how your team works with the cloud, simplify how you manage their access, and strengthen security no matter where they work.

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