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Bytes & Brews: Fall Into Budgeting Season with a Solid IT Plan

Fall is officially here bringing cooler temps, colorful leaves, and trips to the pumpkin patch.

Bundle up with us for a new webinar series, “Bytes + Brews”, as we head to our local coffee shop to chat all things technology.

Bytes & Brews: Episode 1


This month, we’re focusing on strategic IT planning. As we move into the budgeting season for 2023, it’s important to consider the technology your organization uses and how you can use it to your advantage.


Join us as we discuss strategic IT planning that helps your organization drive value, eliminate risk, and increase productivity. 

What You’ll Learn:
  • Why do I need an IT strategy?
  • How do I know what to spend? 
  • Where do I start with cybersecurity?
  • Servers – are they still necessary?
  • What’s on the roadmap for 2023?

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Bytes & Brews: Fall Into Budgeting Season with a Solid IT Plan