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Case Study: The Right Technology – Not More Technology – with WorkSmart

Client Profile:

Crisis Assistance Ministry was founded in 1975 to meet the urgent needs of families experiencing financial crisis in Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC. Today, the organization stabilizes Mecklenburg County families by addressing housing stability through emergency rent and utility assistance, clothing, appliances, and household goods while empowering families with the tools to set and achieve goals for longer-term financial stability. The independent, nonprofit agency engages and inspires the community to action through advocacy and education about the complex, systemic issues surrounding poverty in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Sue Wright is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte. She brings a wealth of experience to her role, having previously worked as a technical project manager consultant. She focuses not only on technology within the organization but also on strategic projects. Sue takes a holistic approach to her role by combining technical expertise with a broader understanding of organizational dynamics.

The Need

Crisis Assistance Ministry decided to enlist WorkSmart as their IT service provider due to their need for a comprehensive managed IT services package tailored to accommodate the diverse roles within the nonprofit. Since the organization had a small team responsible for multiple tasks, they decided to opt for the expertise of WorkSmart rather than maintaining in-house technical staff. WorkSmart was selected as it could provide a full suite of services, including a responsive help desk, ensuring timely support for the organization’s 65+ users dealing with email, phone, or computer issues.

The WorkSmart Solution

On-Site Support and Monitoring: WorkSmart’s on-site support is invaluable, with a consultant familiar with Crisis Assistance Ministry’s operations dedicating four hours twice a week. They also take care of background tasks such as server monitoring and support, which ensure ongoing security and keep infrastructure up to date.

Strategic Project Support: WorkSmart provides expertise and support during strategic projects. In a recent collaboration, WorkSmart’s project manager and technical consultant helped the agency implement a new cloud-based phone system. As a result of this transition, the company was able to adapt to the current hybrid work environment by enabling seamless remote communication and eliminating the need for physical desk phones.

Microsoft Office 365: WorkSmart provided valuable assistance to the agency in transitioning to Microsoft Office 365 before 2020, which proved to be a wise decision during the pandemic. Their expertise in setting up Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive enabled seamless remote work, ensuring uninterrupted workflows and efficient internal communication during difficult times.

Troubleshooting: As CIO, Wright trusts WorkSmart to assist her in troubleshooting technical issues. For example, if the phone extensions malfunction, the organization relies on WorkSmart to communicate with the vendor and initiate support cases on their behalf. In the same way, if there are any issues with internet or phone lines that involve external providers, WorkSmart contacts them directly, simplifying troubleshooting and saving Crisis Assistance Ministry time.

Technical Resource: Crisis Assistance Ministry relies on WorkSmart’s account manager for technical support since they do not have an in-house technical team. The account manager and WorkSmart technical team troubleshoot problems and suggest alternative options with Wright and her team.

“WorkSmart is a valuable resource for me,” notes Wright. “When I need to discuss technology-related issues and explore solutions, I can rely on my account manager. They serve as both a strategic partner and a technical consultant, providing invaluable assistance in problem-solving and offering alternative options.”

The Result

WorkSmart’s contribution to the development of Crisis Assistance Ministry’s technological infrastructure enabled it to significantly improve its technological capabilities. WorkSmart ensures that Crisis Assistance Ministry is technically prepared to address unforeseen challenges and provide its customers with quality service. The support team actively takes care of background tasks such as server monitoring and support, ensuring the security and up-to-date nature of the infrastructure. 

Assisting Crisis Assistance Ministry to move to a cloud-based phone system was made easier with WorkSmart. This enabled seamless remote communication and allowed the agency to eliminate physical desk phones as part of its transition to a hybrid work environment. With direct access to the organization’s system, WorkSmart can quickly make modifications or updates based on vendor discussions, expediting the resolution process. Serving as both a strategic partner and technical consultant, WorkSmart provides the necessary technological insights and solutions to Crisis Assistance Ministry.

The Impact

Through proactive IT solutions, WorkSmart has improved Crisis Assistance Ministry’s ability to serve its customers. A recent example highlights WorkSmart’s contributions to enhancing security and streamlining processes. A major challenge for Crisis Assistance Ministry was the integration of new copiers and printers while maintaining data security. Their goal was to implement secure printing procedures to safeguard sensitive information. Providing seamless communication and advocating for the organization’s best interests, WorkSmart acted as an intermediary between Crisis Assistance Ministry and vendors to implement unique, secure printing that met Crisis Assistance Ministry’s needs. 

This case study highlights the advantages of shifting from reactive to proactive IT services with WorkSmart. This means a commitment to “the right technology, not more technology,” efficiency, and robust security measures – all supported by real people who value the relationships they build with clients. 

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