Securing Your Premises: The Advantages of IP Cameras for Modern Businesses

As a business owner in today’s world, odds are you’ve migrated some of your critical business environment to the cloud with solutions such as Microsoft 365 and others. However, have you considered the potential benefits of making that same move with your physical security environment, such as IP cameras and video security?


Traditional on-premises video surveillance systems, while familiar, can no longer meet the growing demands for flexibility, scalability, and advanced security for most businesses. This is where cloud-based solutions like Verkada, implemented by a trusted partner like WorkSmart, come into play, offering a smarter, more resilient approach to security.

The Shift to Cloud-Based Security

The transition from traditional on-premises Network Video Recorders (NVRs) to cloud-based video security solutions marks a significant advancement in how businesses protect their premises and assets. 


Unlike NVRs that require substantial physical infrastructure, cloud-based systems leverage the power of the internet to store and manage video footage. This shift not only reduces the physical burden but also enhances the functionality and accessibility of the security system.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Security with Verkada

Verkada’s cloud-based video security solutions provide a host of advantages over traditional systems, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve their security posture. Here are some of the key benefits:


  • Availability: Cloud solutions ensure that your security system remains operational 24/7, regardless of local incidents such as power outages or hardware failures. With video data securely stored offsite, you can access live feeds and recordings from anywhere in the world, provided you have internet access. This constant availability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your security measures.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, so do your security needs. Cloud-based systems like Verkada can scale effortlessly with your growth, without the need for significant additional hardware or resources. Adding new cameras to your network is as simple as connecting them to the internet, allowing you to expand coverage and enhance security with minimal fuss.
  • Security: With advanced encryption and regular software updates provided by Verkada, cloud-based systems offer superior protection against both physical tampering and cyber threats. Unlike on-premises solutions that require manual updates, cloud systems are continuously improved upon, ensuring that your security infrastructure remains on the cutting edge.

Verkada And Multi-Location Businesses

Verkada’s cloud-based video security solutions are also ideally suited for multi-location businesses due to their centralized management capabilities. With Verkada, all video surveillance operations across various sites can be managed from a single, intuitive dashboard. This centralization eliminates the need for different systems at each location, simplifying management and ensuring consistency in security practices.


Another significant benefit is the ability to access and monitor video feeds remotely. Verkada’s secure web-based platform allows business owners and security personnel to view live feeds and recorded video from any location worldwide, at any time. This remote monitoring capability ensures that you can keep an eye on all your operations, enhancing oversight and responsiveness without the need to be physically present at each site.

WorkSmart Can Supercharge Your IT Environment

Choosing the right technology partner is as important as selecting the right security solution. WorkSmart is your proven technology advisor, simplifying technology for over 500 companies just like yours throughout the United States.


By partnering with WorkSmart, you not only gain access to Verkada’s cutting-edge technology but also benefit from expert installation, tailored configuration, and ongoing support. WorkSmart ensures that your cloud-based security system is optimized to meet your specific business needs, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Get Started With WorkSmart And Verkada Today

For businesses evaluating where cloud belongs in their security posture, cloud-based video security offers a powerful, scalable, and secure solution that adapts to the needs of dynamic business environments. Verkada’s state-of-the-art technology, combined with WorkSmart’s expert implementation and support, provides a comprehensive security system that protects your assets and ensures your operations run smoothly.


Embrace the future of security with WorkSmart and Verkada to safeguard your business effectively and efficiently. Contact one of our Senior Business Advisors today to learn more about how cloud-based solutions can revolutionize your security strategy.