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Two Cybersecurity Services Missing from Your IT Security Plan

Cyberattacks target businesses of all sizes. Here are two key cybersecurity services you can add to strengthen your IT security plan.

Cybersecurity is a priority, but it can be complicated to navigate for small businesses with limited resources. While you’re likely covered by traditional security tools like a firewall or anti-virus, and advanced threat protection, small businesses haven’t had the resources to ensure their security systems are working well. However, you can leverage two key cybersecurity services to continuously strengthen your IT security plan.

A blog about two cybersecurity services that are likely missing from your IT security plan.

Cybersecurity Services to Manage and Reduce Risk (Managed Risk)

You’re moving more day-to-day operations to the cloud and devices are accessing your data outside the safety of your office network.

Although great for enabling remote work, the flexibility of the modern workplace brings a larger attack surface for cyber threats. That’s why, as your digital risk grows, it’s important to always look for ways to reduce opportunities for attacks.

Managed risk is a cybersecurity service that continually scans your environment for risks or vulnerabilities. Unless addressed, these vulnerabilities can be exploited by the bad guys to gain access to your systems.

By continuously looking for holes in your cybersecurity systems, you have the insight to improve your security posture and reduce your risk of an attack.

According to Gartner, by 2022, organizations that adopt risk-based vulnerability management processes will suffer 80% fewer cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Services to Detect an Active Attack (Managed Detection and Response)

Even with the right tools in place, your protection isn’t foolproof. At bigger companies, a dedicated team of experts ensures effective security operations. Much of their focus is on monitoring for suspicious activity anywhere in the environment, so they can stop threats that bypass existing security measures.

Making it easier for small businesses to detect and respond to active attacks, managed detection and response services combine advanced threat protection technology, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, and a team of security experts. And without the expense of building an in-house security team.

With 24×7 monitoring, any potential threats that get past your cyber defenses can be investigated and stopped before causing harm. Insight on the root cause will also help you make sure the threat is remediated and your cybersecurity strategy adjusted. If you have managed IT services to make sure your technology runs optimally, you’re familiar with this proactive approach!

Proactive Cybersecurity Services to Keep Your Business Safe

As technology continues to fuel your growth, it’s essential to look for ways to keep evolving cyber threats from impacting your operations. Knowing potential security holes in your technology and detecting any attacks that get in will help ensure your security strategy works well. With cybersecurity services like managed risk and managed detection and response, you’re protecting your business without distracting you from your business goals.