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Cybersecurity Awareness Videos: A Strategy to Protect Your Organization

October is cybersecurity awareness month, and we’re serving up tricks and treats to keep your organization secure. Here’s your treats for Week 4.

It’s the final week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it’s time we connected all the dots – like a good ol’fashion conspiracy wall web, except, not as creepy.

Check out this week’s videos for an overview of how to bring all the tools together with strategic planning in a way that works simply for small businesses.

Hazardous Risk Management An overview of Managed Risk to simplify your plan

Intruder Alert Learn about your virtual alarm system, aka SOC

Let’s Do the Time Warp, Backups! The magical ransomware eraser – a good backup.

A Zombie’s Guide to Damage Control Breaches happen, despite our best efforts. Here’s a guide that you can share with your team members so they know what to do if they suspect they’ve been hacked.

Cybersecurity Jeopardy! What better way to close out this series than a game to bring it all together. Watch as Courtney and Rob go head-to-head to test their comprehensive cybersecurity knowledge.

Cybersecurity is a priority, but it can be complicated to navigate for small businesses with limited resources.

While you’re likely covered by traditional security tools like a firewall or anti-virus, and advanced threat protection, small businesses haven’t had the resources to ensure their security systems are working well.

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