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Marissa Explains IT All: What is an MSP?

You hear the acronym all the time, but what actually is an MSP? And what do they do in the business world?

Check out the clip below to hear Marissa explain all that and more in under 60 seconds! You can also follow along with the script down below.

Marissa Explains IT All: Episode 4

“What is an MSP?”

“That’s us! MSP stands for Managed Service Provider.

We can function as an outsourced IT department for your organization, or we can partner with your internal IT team.

We’re really just a group of people, experiences, and expertise that help small businesses get smart use out of their technology – simplified and effective.

So that’s a couple of things:

  • Making sure you have reliable and secure technology to help you do your jobs.
  • And then, when those systems aren’t so reliable or secure, you have somebody you can rely on for fast, friendly, and thorough resolution and support.
  • The last thing is having people that care about your business enough to help you drive strategies to improve your tech for the future.


MSP’s are good… like backups.”