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Leading Culture for the Modern Workplace

The CEO of Simple Change joins us for a discussion on leading a healthy culture in the modern workplace.

Let’s be honest.

A lot continues to happen, from the pandemic to protests to economic and public health uncertainty.

Some of these things are good, and some of these things are not, but regardless, it’s a lot of emotionally heavy stuff that impacts us all as individuals, groups, and organizations.

As a result, how we do business and how we manage our teams have already changed so much, and more change is still on the horizon.

How do you create compassionate, constructive cultural changes within your workplace and still meet your organization’s goals?

Watch this webinar to hear from Becky Jacobs, the CEO of Simple Change, an organization with a mission to help other organizations create healthy and high-performing teams.

She outlines some of the key concerns and challenges facing the individuals that make up our teams today and how we, as leaders, can meet those challenges and set up our organizations and our teams to thrive, grow, and come out of all this better than before.