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Teams for Everyday People, Part 1: Meetings and Video Calls

Microsoft Teams makes it easy for you to stay productive and connect with your co-workers—and clients—from anywhere. Without any add-ons, you can meet online and host video calls.

Get the most from Microsoft Teams

As a robust collaboration platform, there’s a lot of great tools within Microsoft Teams. We’re reviewing tips & tricks to help you get the most from Teams’ video conferencing features, including:

  • The difference between meetings and video calls
  • The basics for scheduling and joining online meetings
  • How to manage your audio and video settings
  • Ways to share content before, during, or after meetings

Watch our webinar to learn how to improve meetings with Microsoft Teams.

In this webinar, the first of a two-part series, you’ll see the ins-and-outs of the tools available that help make your meetings more productive, and you’ll learn about some of the features and settings you have control over to make you look and sound your best.