Employee Anniversaries Blog

Celebrating our August Employee Anniversaries

As we near the end of August, it’s time to celebrate our Employee Anniversaries! This month, we have ninefolks to celebrate for their commitment to the team.
Yes, we’re IT experts, but we’re also a team of sincere people who are committed to helping both their clients, and fellow team members reach their fullest potential.
You can learn more about each of these awesome folks below. 

Tamela, Accounting Admin & A/R Specialist

Abboud TamelaTamela is an Accounting Admin and A/R specialist, and has been a part of the team for 5 years now. 
Tamela is extremely knowledgeable of her role and helps to keep everything running smoothly. She truly embodies our core value of ‘being curious’, as she’s always looking to learn more and become an expert in all facets of the job that she can.  
She’s been repeatedly recognized for her attention to detail and the manner in which she makes sure the job is done correctly.
Congrats on the anniversary, Tamela! We’re so glad you’re a part of the team. 

Dawn, Events Manager Church Dawn

Dawn is the Events Manager and has been a part of the team for 5 years now. 
Dawn is an extremely reliable team member, and you can always count on her to get the job done. Whether its for her own project, or with an assist to someone else – she is always willing to jump in and lend a helping hand. 
She’s been recognized by fellow team members with the following: “Dawn is someone who makes you feel as if you’re instantly friends, and can go to her with anything. She’s a great listening ear and always has great advice to go along with it.” 
We appreciate your dedication to the team, Dawn! Congratulations on the milestone. 

Bhavna, Accounting Assistant & A/R Specialist

Patel Bhavna
Bhavna is an Accounting Assistant and A/R Specialist, and has been a part of the team for 9 years now. 
Bhavna has always been a dependable team member and can always be counted on to get the job done. She never misses a beat and her top-tier organization skills help to keep the rest of the team moving in the right direction.
She’s been recognized for her team-player mentality multiple times, including the following shoutout: “Thanks for always being so helpful when looking at invoices with me!” 
We’re grateful you’re a part of the team Bhavna, and congratulations on the anniversary! 

Chris, Consultant 

Clinard Chris
Chris is a Consultant and has been a part of the team for 3 years now. 
Chris is someone who works hard to help his clients succeed in every aspect. He’s extremely knowledgeable in his work, and also does a great job of building those personal connections with everyone he comes in contact with. 
He’s been repeatedly recognized by clients, including the following: “Chris was great to work with. He was able to solve the complicated issue quickly and with ease.” 
Thank you, Chris, for your dedication and commitment. Congratulations on the milestone! 

Richard, Consultant 

Campbell Richard
Richard is a Consultant and has been a part of the team for 2 years now.  
Richard is someone you can count on to help resolve any issues, while also being friendly while he does it. He embodies our core value of building those personal connections in his everyday interactions with clients. 
He is consistently received praise from the clients that he helps, including this shoutout: “As always, Richard delivers incredible customer service! Thank you Richard!” 
We appreciate your hard work and professionalism, Richard. Congrats on the anniversary! 

Winfield, Consultant 

Gross Winfield
Winfield is a Consultant and has been a part of the team for 15 years now. 
Winfield has consistently delivered superb support to his clients over the years. He’s extremely knowledgeable in his role, but is also continuously looking to learn and grow his expertise in the field to better assist with issues. 
He’s received a ton of praise throughout his time here, including the following: “Winfield is always very accommodating and timely. We really like to have him come around and work with us.” and “Winfield has always been a great help and a very nice guy to deal with.” 
Thank you, Winfield, for your dedicated service. Congratulations on the huge milestone! 

Shannon, Account Manager 

Honeywell Shannon
Shannon is an Account Manager and has been a part of the team for 1 year now. 
Shannon very quickly jumped into her role and began mastering it. Her dedication and commitment to her clients is outstanding, and she’s always looking forward to help them reach their fullest potential. 
She works hard to not only help out her clients in any way that she can, but also her fellow team members as she’s always willing to lend a helping hand. 
We appreciate your commitment to the team, Shannon! Congrats on the anniversary. 

Stephanie, Accounting Assistant and Office Admin

Silhouette Man
Stephanie is an Accounting Assistant and Office Admin, and has been a part of the team for 5 years now. 
Stephanie is always willing to pitch in where she can and lend a helping hand. When there are questions or issues that need prompt responses, Stephanie is always prepared and ready to go. 
She’s consistently ensuring that processes are running smoothly and according to plan, that helps keep the rest of the team moving forward.
We appreciate all you do, Stephanie! Congrats on the milestone.

Rebecca, Technical Support Engineer

Wheeler Rebecca
Rebecca is a Technical Support Engineer and has been a part of the team for 1 year now.  
Becky very quickly jumped into this role on our team and made a huge impact with both clients that she assists, and fellow team members. She is the epitome of our core value of ‘doing the right thing’, as she’s always willing to go above and beyond to help out. 
She is consistently recognized by many clients for the help she provides, including the following shoutout: “Shout out to Rebecca, she is a star!” and, “Rebecca went above and beyond to help me get my computer switched over. Great job and very helpful!” 
Thank you, Becky, for your dedication to the team and your clients. Congrats on the 1 year!