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Summer Series: Protecting Data on Your Mobile Devices

In this digital world, everything is now mobile. Your team accesses work on more than just their computers. While the flexibility is convenient, you have to make sure it’s being done securely so that your organization is not left vulnerable.

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Marissa Explains IT All: Vulnerability Scanning vs. Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity threats are continually evolving and it’s important to make sure that your organization is keeping up with those risks. Vulnerability scans and penetration tests are two proven tools that work to identify potential threats to your system before it’s too late. While they are similar in nature, there are a few key differences between the two.

To learn more about the difference between the two and why they are important, check out Marissa’s 60(ish) second explanation below. The full transcript can be found below.

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Hop on Board! Security Awareness Training for Your Team

We all face potential cyber threats daily. The tricky part is that they come from all directions and look different, making them hard to see coming. UNLESS YOU’RE PREPARED.

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Spring into Action: Forward Thinking with Strategic Security

It’s no longer a matter of if you’re attacked, but rather when you’re attacked. Educating your team is important, but unfortunately, we can’t completely prevent attacks from happening. As a business leader, it’s crucial to have an attack response plan in place before the issue occurs.

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Azure AD Conditional Access: Everything You Need to Know

More data than ever is being created and stored due to the increased use of technology in everyday business operations. Add to that the need for data to be accessible in the cloud so that people can access what they need, no matter where they’re working from.

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Social Engineering: Tips for Avoiding the Trap

It’s no secret that cybercrime is on the rise. Not only are these threats becoming more frequent, but they’re also becoming more complex in nature – making it even more difficult to prevent an attack.

While the pandemic has allowed for much more flexibility in the workplace, it’s also increased the susceptibility of businesses to fall victim to cybercrime.

Social engineering is one tactic that has steadily increased, especially over the last couple of years. It can present itself in many different forms, making it hard to spot and prevent from occurring before it’s too late. To help keep your organization protected, it’s important to make sure your team is knowledgeable on how this attack can look, and given the proper steps to take in avoiding the trap.

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Marissa Explains IT All: DNS Security

Protecting your organization from cyber threats starts with having a layered approach to your organization’s cyber defenses. With DNS being the first step when making a connection to the Internet, it’s important to use proper DNS Security tools to defend against cyber threats.

Check out Marissa’s 60-second explanation below to learn:

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Cybersecurity & Compliance: Managing Risks and Keeping IT Secure

Critical pieces of information created and stored by businesses must be protected. Data protection may be a legal requirement, but it’s also essential for your organization’s security.

As more technology is being used in business operations and more data is being created and stored, higher levels of regulation are required to protect personal information. IT compliance aims to hold companies accountable, and cybersecurity helps keep data secure.

Join us for a discussion as we break down regulatory compliance and effective measures to protect IT systems.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Quick overview of compliance and regulation laws that may affect your business
  • Keeping your organization on top of regulatory compliance
  • Best practices for data protection
  • The cybersecurity basics checklist

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Meet Our Guest:

Rett Summerville, Director at CREO

With over 17 years of experience working in technical and business roles in software, fintech, and consulting services, Rett is a seasoned IT security and risk management leader.

He promotes business-driven security and believes that good IT security practices can help companies be more competitive by enabling them to make better decisions quickly and confidently.

His passion for helping clients allows them to transform their culture to improve security awareness, gain efficiencies, and maintain compliance.

In this webinar, Rett joins us to share his wealth of knowledge on regulatory compliance and best practices for businesses as they navigate through the requirements.

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Head in the Cloud? What You Need to Know About Cloud Technology

It’s no surprise that many businesses are making the move towards a cloud environment, especially given the flexibility and scalability that it allows. However, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to making the switch.

How can small businesses continue to be competitive by shifting towards the cloud, while also staying productive and secure?

Join us for a discussion as we break down the cloud with things to consider as you make the switch.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on strategies to help your organization better understand the options so you can adopt the right cloud technologies. With 20 years of experience working with small businesses, we’ll answer the most common questions, including:

  • Should we move our server to the cloud?
  • How do we keep secure in the cloud?
  • What does the migration to the cloud look like?

  1. Cloud Technology (starts at 1:52)
  2. Cloud Security (starts at 13:45)
  3. Cloud Migration (starts at 22:17)

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Marissa Explains IT All: How to Choose the Right Firewall

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Marissa Explains IT All: How to Choose the Right Firewall

When it comes to selecting the right firewall for your business, there’s a few considerations to think about. Your firewall is an integral part of keeping your business secure, so you want to ensure that you have the proper one in place to do just that.

In today’s hybrid work environment, nearly everything is connected to the internet in order to allow this flexible work style. Unfortunately, if it’s connected to the internet, it’s also at risk for cyberattack.