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Hybrid Office: The “Split Decision” on Where We Work

The appeal of a hybrid workforce is increasing. Many teams want the flexibility to work from anywhere but also crave the connections and the resulting creativity that came from being in the office around others.

With employees dividing time between the office and working remotely, how can small businesses continue to evolve the way we work and thrive in the new normal?

Join us for a discussion on ways to have the “best of both worlds” with the hybrid office.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on in-person and virtual strategies that can help employees stay engaged, productive, and secure.


  • Office space that fits your new normal
  • Staying equipped with the right technology
  • Top tips for cybersecurity
  • The rise of asynchronous communication
  • Advancing the employee experience

Meet Our Guests:

Michelle Eckhart, Ideation Director at PMC Commercial Interiors

As Ideation Director at PMC, Michelle leverages her expertise in interior design, behavioral science, and data analytics to create places where people want to be.

Working with her clients, she curates an elevated level of research and design thinking to influence how an environment will look and how people will feel and interact within it.

Dawn Church, Employee Experience Coordinator at WorkSmart

With 12+ years of crafting events across the spectrum: from weddings to corporate events, webinars, team builders, workshops, retreats, and too many virtual event experiments to count, Dawn has had experience in a wide variety of areas.

She deeply values positive psychology, connection, and self-development. She’s also been practicing Authentic Relating and Circling in her own day-to-day life, along with coaching and workshop-leading since 2011.

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