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Fast Forward: Planning IT for the Future

Resiliency comes from the ability to adapt quickly. It requires the right technologies and processes, strong personal connections, and a hunger for growth.

You can get back to looking forward.

More than ever, businesses are reviewing their plans – they’re looking at what they do and how they do it. Business operations are evolving fast.
Join us for a panel-style discussion on modern business transformation. We’ll discuss how small businesses can continue to thrive, including:

  • Ways to move more of your operations to the cloud
  • IT Security best practices for a distributed workforce
  • How to improve collaboration while teams aren’t physically together
  • Effective leadership during times of change
  • Growing your business through acquisitions

The Fast Forward Panelists:

  • Courtney Armstrong, Senior Account Manager and Team Lead, WorkSmart
  • TJ Iacobone, Channel Sales Engineer, Sophos
  • Becky Jacobs, CEO, Simple Change
  • Jay Offerdahl, President, Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Watch our webinar on planning your IT for the future.

In this webinar, we’ll talk digital transformation, cybersecurity, strategic leadership, and even business acquisitions with our panel of modern workplace experts.