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Cybersecurity Awareness Videos: The Scariest Threats on the Internet

October is cybersecurity awareness month, and we’re serving up tricks and treats to keep your organization secure. Here are your treats for Week 1.

The first week of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month video series is about the major methods cybercriminals use to try and hack your system and drain your resources.

Check out this week’s cybersecurity videos focused on the scariest threats of the internet.

Wicked Witches of the Web to learn about Phishing attacks

Infested for an overview of Malware

Infested: The Ransomware Sequel (hint, it’s all about Ransomware)

Virtual Vampires to learn about password attacks

Ghost Stories with guest trick-or-treater, Courtney Armstrong. Watch our three good witches play a storytelling guessing game. You’ll hear some true, and creepy, cybersecurity breach stories.

Looking for more? Check out more Cybersecurity Awareness Month videos.

  • Week 2: Zombies on the Internet (your employees can be your biggest security risk)
  • Week 3: The Heroes of Cybersecurity (the right tools for the right protection)
  • Week 4: Where it all comes together (your cybersecurity plan)