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Celebrating Our May Employee Anniversaries

Curiosity, hard work, and loyalty make up some of the best employees. All of the team members highlighted below embody all of these qualities and so much more. We wanted to give them the recognition their work deserves – we appreciate them all!

Employee Anniversary Feature Photo

Join us in celebrating 7 employee anniversaries this month!

You can learn more about each of these team members below.

Clay, President & CEO

_exec_Harris Clay_website

Clay is the President and Chief Executive Officer, and helped to start WorkSmart 20 years ago.

Happy 20th birthday to us!!Ā And, happy anniversary to Clay, of course.

Clay exemplifies all of the qualities needed in a good leader, and so much more beyond that.

He continuously puts his team in the best position possible for success and growth, both personally and professionally.

Clay is a leader who continuously requests any and all feedback, and makes adjustments when necessary to help the team thrive.

Congratulations on the huge milestone, Clay, and we’re so thankful to have you as a leader.

Jonathon, Technical Support Engineer

Silhouette Man

Jonathon is a Technical Support Engineer and after coming on board through an acquisition, he’s been a part of our team for 6 years now.

Jonathon is a dependable team member who is always going out of his way to do the right thing. Whether it be assisting clients or co-workers here at WorkSmart, he’s always willing to pitch in where he can.

Jonathon continuously works to build those personal connections as well, which is exemplified by this shout-out from a team member:

“You are always so helpful. It’s great knowing I can ask you something and you go above and beyond to help and ensure I have the info I need.”

We appreciate your dedication to the team, Jonathon! Congratulations on the milestone.

John, Consultant

Willison John

John is a consultantĀ and has been a part of our team for 3 years now.

John is dedicated to the success of our clients and works continuously to help them achieve just that.

He is a true team player and will lend a helping hand wherever he can to help out, which is clearly exemplified by the following shout-outs from fellow team members:

“Thank you for making my job a lot less stressful.” and “Thanks for everything you do to make sure all our clients are happy!!”

Congratulations on the anniversary, John! Your commitment is much appreciated.

Jess, Associate Technical Account Manager

Kowalski Jess

Jess is an Associate Technical Account Manager and has been a part of our team for 3 years now.

Jess is someone you can always count on to lift your spirits or give you a good laugh.Ā Her positive attitude and strong work ethic is contagious to the team and inspiring to watch.

We’re so thankful you’re a part of our team, Jess, and congratulations on your work anniversary!

Bill, Project Lead


Bill is a Project Lead and has been a part of our team for 2 years now.

Bill is someone who can always bring out the humor in things while continuously killing the game when it comes to work.

His work ethic and dependability is commendable and is such a huge asset to our team. A fellow WorkSmart employee recognized Bill with the following shout-out:

“He put me in a position to execute the project onsite quickly and efficiently, making the customer very happy. Bill is always going beyond the call of duty for our customers.”

We appreciate you, Bill, and congratulations on the milestone!

John, Senior Business Advisor

JohnJarvis_21John is a Senior Business AdvisorĀ and after coming on board through an acquisition, he’s been a part of our team for 2 years now.

John is a dependable resource for our team and leads by example for everyone else.Ā The attention to detail and hard work that John exemplifies is a great asset to the WorkSmart team.

Congratulations on the milestone, John! We appreciate your commitment to the team!

Jason, Support Director

Silhouette ManJasonĀ is a Support Director and has been a part of our team for 18 years now.

Jason’s commitment and loyalty to the WorkSmart team is inspiring to watch. He continuously works to not only provide the best experience for our clients, but is also willing to give fellow team members a helping hand.

Jason is truly a team player, receiving the following shout-out from a fellow team member,Ā “It is truly a testament to the teamwork and care you have for our clients to be able to turn a bad situation into a positive client experience!”

We’re so thankful you’re a part of the team, Jason! Congrats on the huge milestone!