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Wired vs Wireless Internet: Why you should use a cable

Wired or wireless internet? Determine which is best for you using this blog.

The recent shift to remote work stresses how much your team relies on reliable and secure internet. You need consistently performing internet connectivity to stay productive. Whether you’re home or in the office, choosing the right way to connect to the internet helps you get the most of your bandwidth.  As with every aspect of your business, there are costs and benefits with choosing either wired or wireless internet connections.

Of course, wireless is great. It makes it possible for anyone at your company, even while temporarily working from the dining room table, to always stay connected. But, let’s keep in mind that wired performs better and is more secure than wireless.

Wired internet is faster and more reliable.

Wired networks use ethernet cables to connect devices to the internet. Because of the direct connection from the cable to the computer, wired internet is typically faster and more reliable than wireless. Although, users usually don’t notice with normal web browsing or when working in their email. It becomes more evident as you share or download large files.


Also, wired connections are not as susceptible to disruption as wireless connections. WiFi can be fickle. Physical obstructions like walls, other networks, or your proximity to the router can affect its signal. You may even see slowdowns in some cases as wireless networks share bandwidth with all connected devices.

Wired internet is more secure.

It is hard for attackers to hack into wired connections since they would need physical access to do so. Wireless connections, however, are much more prone to threats. That’s why it’s always best to access all highly confidential information through wired connections.

However, companies can take precautions to make wireless connections more secure. For instance, you can offer separate wifi for guests and replace wireless passwords with user-specific logins. Your business’ cybersecurity tools and best practices layer with these additional security measures to keep your data safe.


Wired vs. wireless internet – have both.

Wireless and wired internet connections offer your company a host of benefits. A combination of the two could be the best way to maximize efficiency and security. And, remember, it is always best to have your most confidential data only available through wired connections.

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