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Which Microsoft 365 collaboration tool do I use?

Starting with our map for communicating and collaborating in the cloud can help you create a process for how your organization uses Microsoft 365 tools.

The way we communicate continues to change. Your team needs a place where they can present, discuss, and share ideas without creating email overload. Which is why it’s key to pick the right stack of communication and collaboration tools.

For many small businesses, that’s where Microsoft 365 comes in – a suite of cloud services to address the many different needs of the modern workplace. But which tool do you use? And when?

Do you know which tool to use?

For us to be effective as teams working together, we need to know which tools to use. Determining the right channel is typically based on three things:

  • Are you communicating or collaboration?
  • How quickly do you need a response?
  • What is the tone of the message?

And, defining the process helps keep everyone working together, in the same place. It’ll eliminate any confusion by outlining how your company uses each tool.

Cloud Com Map

Download our Microsoft 365 communication map.

Use our Microsoft 365 communication map as a starting point to determine which tools make the most sense for your organization.