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To Be or Not To Be: Growing by Mergers and Acquisitions

Like larger companies, small businesses need to be aware of their business growth opportunities and survival.

Especially during uncertain times like we’re facing today, we want to help our clients reach their full potential. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with their IT.

Small Business Growth through Acquisition

Business acquisitions have been a part of WorkSmart’s growth strategy for years. We’ve acquired several companies over the last ten years and continue to look for opportunities. Advisors like Viking M&A make it easy.

For this event, our President, Clay Harris has a few questions based on our experiences.

  • Q: Our approach to M&A is to look for culture fits first and then look at how we can be better together, rather than as separate businesses. How do other folks approach?
  • How have valuations and deal structures changed given the current economic uncertainty?
    Q: As a buyer, we’re always looking for opportunities and can, therefore, be relatively selective when it comes to potential acquisitions – do you recommend sellers behave similarly?

The M&A Experts:

  • Jay Offerdahl, founder and President, Viking Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Dan Wilson, Managing Partner, Viking Mergers and Acquisitions

Watch our webinar about making business acquisitions a part of your growth strategy.

In this webinar, we’re excited to partner with Jay and Dan to share facts and best practices that can help your organization make strategic decisions, whether it’s buying other businesses or selling to the right one.