Backup to Basics

Backup to Basics

The flexibility and the affordability of cloud technology has led to an increase in adoption across small businesses. Also, with your employees working from home, there are a growing number of apps and devices being used which means more places to store data.

Is all of your data recoverable?

As your technology and your business changes, it’s important to review your backup plan to make sure it still works for you. The loss of your organization’s data can be devastating, and, unfortunately, data loss happens.

Your last line of defense is your backup.

Having the right backup strategy protects your data no matter where it lives.
Whether you have a server in the office or your files in Microsoft Teams, your backup plan should cover as much as you can. The goal is to make your data available when you need it.
• Identify what to back up and how long you can be without it
• Determine where to store your backups (in the office vs. in the cloud)
• Schedule when (how frequently) your backups will occur
• Plan how to backup the different parts of your technology for a variety of scenarios

In this webinar, you’ll learn best practices for planning your backups.

You can have peace of mind with the right backup plan covering everything from cloud files and applications to servers in your office to your employees. Watch this webinar to learn how to get a reliable backup of what you need to the right place and at the right frequency so you can restore files, systems, or the entire site if needed.