The Role Of Managed SDWAN In Streamlining Connectivity

As a business owner, you understand how important a reliable and fast internet connection is in today’s world. Your internet connection is the backbone of your business operations, enabling access to cloud services, allowing remote work, and ensuring seamless communication with your customers, team, and vendors.

However, reliability with a single internet connection can be a challenge. Even with a reliable connection like fiber internet, issues can arise, or construction can result in cut cables, resulting in lost internet connection and lost productivity for your business. This is where Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SDWAN) technology steps in, revolutionizing how businesses approach their internet connectivity issues.

Understanding SDWAN

SDWAN is a networking technology that simplifies the management and operation of multiple internet connections. This technology allows your business to build a faster and more resilient internet connection using readily available and affordable services like fiber, cable, 4G/5G or other internet services from multiple providers.

At its core, SDWAN offers dynamic path selection among different connection types based on real-time speed, availability, and path. By prioritizing traffic based on the application, SDWAN ensures that your business’ critical applications (like VoIP or video conferencing) have the bandwidth and low latency they need to perform at their best.

The Business Benefits Of SDWAN

SDWAN makes sense from both a business standpoint, as well as improving the lives of your end users. With SDWAN integrated into your network environment, your business will experience:

  • Enhanced Internet Reliability: SDWAN technology introduces multiple layers of redundancy, which is crucial for businesses that rely heavily on constant internet connectivity. By seamlessly switching between multiple internet connections in the event of a service disruption, SDWAN minimizes downtime and ensures your business operations continue uninterrupted.
  • Improved Internet Speeds: By intelligently routing traffic across the most efficient paths and optimizing bandwidth use, SDWAN can significantly enhance internet speeds. This is particularly beneficial for applications that require high bandwidth and low latency such as line of business applications or videoconferencing, enhancing overall user experience and productivity.
  • Cost Efficiency: With SDWAN, your businesses can leverage technology previously only available to large enterprises without sacrificing performance or reliability. By reducing the need for expensive proprietary hardware and allowing for the use of cheaper and more readily available connectivity options, SDWAN can offer enterprise reliability at a price smaller businesses can afford.
  • Simplified Management and Scalability: SDWAN solutions managed by WorkSmart help simplify network administration, allowing you to easily add new locations or adjust policies quickly across your networks. This scalability and ease of management make SDWAN an attractive option for growing businesses.
  • Improved Security Posture: Security is a critical consideration for any business in the current environment. With SDWAN, you can incorporate enhanced security features like encryption, segmentation and threat protection. You’ll be able to protect your business data, even across the WAN.

Improve User Experience With SDWAN

In addition to the business benefits, SDWAN can significantly improve the day-to-day experience of your team. The applications and services you work in all day will run better:

  • Video: Enjoy crystal-clear video calls without interruptions. Say goodbye to the frustration of frozen screens and dropped connections during important meetings.
  • VoIP/Internet Phone: Experience smooth and clear voice calls. Forget the days of choppy, robotic voices and awkward pauses that disrupt your conversations.
  • Prioritized VPN (Remote Access): Ensure fast and secure access to your company’s network from anywhere, without the hassle of complex setups.
  • Office Apps: Keep your essential business tools running smoothly all day. Whether you’re collaborating on documents or managing tasks, your productivity tools will perform optimally, keeping your team in sync.
  • Line of Business Apps & CRM: Keep your sales and operations running without a hitch, no matter your internet situation. Never miss an opportunity to connect with customers or manage your business resources efficiently.

WorkSmart Partners with BigLeaf for SDWAN Solutions

In partnership with BigLeaf, a leading provider of SDWAN technology, WorkSmart can help unlock the full potential of your business’ internet connectivity. BigLeaf’s unique approach to SDWAN emphasizes simplicity, reliability, and performance, tailored specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. 

With features like intelligent load-balancing, automatic failover, and real-time adaptability to network conditions, BigLeaf’s SDWAN solutions ensure that businesses stay connected and operate at peak efficiency.

Get Started With SDWAN Today

The shift to SDWAN is more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic investment in the reliability, speed, and overall performance of your business’s internet connectivity. For businesses looking to thrive in a digital-first world, embracing SDWAN technology with WorkSmart and BigLeaf offers a clear path to staying competitive and responsive to the demands of the modern marketplace.

To learn more and get started with SDWAN for your business, schedule a consultation with one of our Senior Business Advisors or your Client Success Manager today!