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Simplify employee onboarding with Microsoft 365 (and SharePoint)

It’s April…which means it’s time to ‘Level Up’ with WorkSmart!

While the first live webinar of the series is not until next week, today we have a quick “cheat code” for you. It’s a short video (less than 15 minutes) designed to help simplify a process that can be time-consuming to get right.

Simplify your employee onboarding process.

When onboarding new employees, it’s crucial that the process is quick, efficient, and consistent for multiple reasons:

  • The quicker the process, the quicker they will be able to contribute to your company’s productivity
  • The level of care shown to new hires during onboarding plays a large role in long-term retention
  • Keeping consistency in the process allows busy managers to continue their usual work while also giving adequate time to onboarding

Microsoft 365 gives you tools to create repeatable processes and engaging experiences.

In the Cheat Code video above, we explain how using Microsoft’s SharePoint Lookbook to create a new-hire hub can streamline the workflow for onboarding new employees.

Check out the quick tutorial to learn some helpful tips on making the onboarding process faster and more efficient for your organization.

Learn more with our collaboration-focused webinars!

To learn a lot more about effective communication tools that will improve both your employees and your customers experiences, check out our upcoming webinar series launching April 15th.

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