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Keys to WorkSmart

As this year commemorates WorkSmart’s 20th Anniversary, we wanted to take some to reflect on what truly makes us, us.

While organic growth and strategic business decisions have helped us build an enduring organization, our success comes from our entire team thinking and working on the same page. At WorkSmart, our core values define our culture, guide how we make decisions, and help us provide a unique experience that sets our company apart.

Our Core Values

Whether for our team or our clients, we make ‘the experience’ a priority by building a team of people who believe in our core values – doing the right thing, personal connections, and being curious.

WorkSmart Core ValuesDoing the Right Thing

Having a clear purpose means that our heart is on our work. ‘IT services and support’ is what we do, but we’re driven by helping people – team members and clients – reach their full potential.

End results matter.  Reliable and secure technology helps our clients focus on their business goals. That’s why we’re committed to helping them simplify their IT, providing the guidance and support needed to fuel their growth.

Flexibility makes things better. Along with the hustle to get things done, we advocate for change and embrace flexibility, focusing on what truly matters to our clients—outcomes over output.

A couple team members that have been recognized for ‘doing the right thing’ have received these shoutouts from fellow co-workers:

  • “Anything we have needed you have stepped in and offered assistance, training, or guidance and it’s very much appreciated by myself and the team. You’re amazing at what you do!”
  • “You went way above and beyond to make sure they were back up and running and everything else was handled.”

Personal Connections

Even as IT experts, people come first and technology second. Whether with co-workers, clients, and vendors, we work hard to build strong personal connections.

Working together leads to creative solutions and an efficient workplace. Doing so with compassion builds trust.

Especially in situations of an IT issue, building personal connections helps to alleviate stress and gives you the confidence to remain focused on your business goals, rather than the IT problem. Some of our team members that have been recognized for building these relationships have received these shoutouts from clients:

  • “We are happy with John, with the way he’s gotten to know our organization, and the way he works independently – knowing us well enough to know what needs to get done in many cases.”
  • “Mike is like a part of the staff. Couldn’t be happier.”

Be Curious

In a constantly evolving industry, it’s natural for us to be willing to try new things. Staying open to learning and improving allows our team to grow both personally and professionally.

Great ideas come from asking questions, especially in challenging situations. Great ideas come to life through great teamwork. People work better together with open communication and by seeking to understand other perspectives.

A few of our team members that have showcased a vast amount of curiosity were recognized with these shoutouts:

  • “Thank you for taking the challenge and running with it – AND finding that last solution to get us across the finish line.”
  • “Thank you for always being willing to go above and beyond and jump into an issue without hesitation. I really appreciate your insight and creativity day in and out!”

The three things that set us apart from other IT partners.

WorkSmart Unique Qualities

Long-term strategies and a proven process.

Planning 10-years out gives us a road map for growth at WorkSmart. With that, we can track progress, improve our processes, and deliver consistently excellent service.

Our map of the customer experience also leads to consistent results by setting clear expectations for what we do and how we do it.

Our Proven Process

Right technologies, not more technologies.

Small businesses need secure and reliable solutions that fit their budget. By understanding your needs and using our experiences, we make it easier to find the right mix of technology to drive your business forward.

People you’re going to love.

When an IT issue arises, your team can’t focus on their work which can be frustrating. We work hard to eliminate that stress by not only resolving the issue, but also doing it with compassion.

Using our core values to hire team members, we know our people are amazing.

Doing the right thing, building personal connections, and being curious allows our team to stay efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy – making your work that much easier.