Celebrating our September Team Member Anniversaries!

As we wrap up another month and the seasons begin to change, we wanted to take some time to recognize a few special people. Yes, we’re IT experts. But we’re also a team of sincere people who are committed to helping both their clients, and fellow team members reach their fullest potential.

Join us in celebrating our six September work anniversaries! You can learn more about each of them below.

Celebrating our September Team Member Anniversaries!

Brian – Technical Account Engineer

Brian is our Technical Account Engineer and has been with the team for 14 years now.

Brian is one of those people that everyone wants on their team. He’s always willing to listen and help problem-solve, using his wealth of knowledge to provide support to everyone else on the team.

He is consistently being recognized for all of his efforts, including this shoutout from a fellow team member, “Thank you for stepping in and approving quotes when I am unavailable and for answering all the many questions we have. You are so kind and helpful and such a great asset to our team and WorkSmart!”

We’re so thankful for everything you do, Brian! Congrats on the anniversary.

Brian - Technical Account Engineer


Claude – Project Lead

Claude - Project Lead Claude is a Project Lead and has been with the team for 1 year now.

Claude very quickly jumped into his role at WorkSmart and started crushing it. He’s always looking out for our clients and making sure that their needs are met in a timely manner.

He receives a great deal of feedback from those that he works with, including the following shoutout from another team member, “Great job jumping into some new situations/role. Great attitude, gets it done, great to work with!!!!”

Happy Anniversary, Claude! We appreciate all that you do.


Lauren – Customer Service Representative

Lauren is a Customer Service Representative and has been with the team for 1 year.

Lauren works hard on a daily basis to make sure that the customer experience for our clients remains a top priority each and every time we speak to them. No matter how busy it gets, Lauren always has a smile and is willing to help wherever she can to get things done.

She consistently receives praise for all of her hard work, including this recent shoutout, “Thank you for being there whenever I have a question. You have been amazing to work with. You help me out so much, it’s greatly appreciated!!!”

Shout-out to you, Lauren, for all of your hard work. Happy Anniversary!

Lauren - Customer Service Representative


Tim – Service Manager

Tim - Service Manager Tim is a Service Manager and has been a part of the team for 4 years now.

He works hard on a daily basis to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met, while also being willing to help out anyone on our team who needs some assistance.

Tim regularly receives shoutouts for his work, including this one from a fellow team member, “Thanks to you Tim – I really appreciate your time and efforts. You are always willing to step up and help or offer direction. Your kindness and hard work make this a great place to work!”

Thanks for everything you do, Tim! Congrats on the anniversary.


Kim – VP of Client Success

Kim is our VP of Client Success and has been with WorkSmart for 9 years now.

Kim is the type of leader that everyone wants for their team. She not only listens and gives valuable advice and direction, but she’s also willing to jump in and help whenever there’s a need.

She works hard to support both our team members and our clients in reaching their full potential, both personally and professionally. She consistently receives shoutouts, including this one from a team member, “Thanks for always being willing to provide your insight and advice, no matter the situation. I appreciate you!!”

Thank you, Kim, for everything you do at WorkSmart. Congrats on the milestone!

Kim - VP of Client Success


Xander – Consultant

Xander - Consultant Xander is a Consultant and has been with the team for 2 years now.

Xander works hard on a daily basis to ensure that our client’s issues are resolved and that their systems are working properly. He faces challenges with a smile and truly embodies our core value of personal connections when it comes to his relationship with our clients.

He regularly receives great feedback for all of his work, including the following shoutout, “They love working with you, trusts your insight, and sees the effort you put in to go above and beyond for them. Great job!”

Happy Anniversary, Xander! Thanks for all that you do.