Employee Anniversaries

Celebrating our October Team Member Anniversaries

It’s that time again… time for us to celebrate a few of the folks who help us be successful day in, day out.

They’re all IT experts, but they’re also awesome people who are curious, hard-working, and always striving to do the right thing.

Join us in celebrating our five October team member anniversaries! You can learn more about each of them below.

people you are going to love

David – Technical Lead

David is a Technical Lead and has been with the team for 9 years now.

David works hard on a daily basis to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. He prioritizes the experience and builds strong personal connections with those that he works with.

We appreciate all that you do, David! Congrats on the anniversary.

What folks say about david:

“Outstanding job and very patient. We appreciate your help.”

“David was so professional and personable… such a breath of fresh air.”

David - Technical Lead


Jim – Senior Business Advisor

Jim - Senior Business Advisor Jim is our Senior Business Advisor and has been part of the team for 19 years now.

Jim works to forge new relationships with partners to identify how WorkSmart can help them to reach their fullest potential, while also identifying strategic growth opportunities.

He’s the kind of person that everyone wants on their team, as he’s always willing to step in and help out wherever he can.

Happy Anniversary, Jim! We’re so thankful that you’re a part of the team.

What folks say about Jim:

“Your support and input is always so appreciated and always helps me grow. Thanks for leading by example.”


Paul – TSR, Projects

Paul is a TSR on our Projects team and has been with WorkSmart for 4 years.

Paul works behind the scenes on a ton of different things to help keep the gears turning. His knowledge, expertise, and precision in everything that he does support the entire team and the needs of our clients.

Thanks for everything you do, Paul! Congrats on the anniversary.

What folks say about Paul:

“Paul’s usual quick, accurate set up makes for easy onboarding of new employees.”

“Thanks as always for helping onboard our new team members. I appreciate all of your hard work on the back end. You’re the best!!!”

Paul - TSR, Projects


Sam – Consultant

Sam - Consultant Sam is a Consultant and has been part of the team for 1 year now.

Sam works on a daily basis to resolve any IT issues that our clients may run into, while also ensuring that they remain as productive and uninterrupted as possible.

Sam is also willing to chime in and offer advice to her fellow team members when someone needs assistance.

We appreciate all that you do, Sam. Congrats on the milestone!

What folks say about SAM:

“Sam was fantastic! Without her, I would not have everything I need to do my job effectively. I appreciate all her help in resolving the multi-site permissions and access I needed.”


Steven – Account Manager

Steven is an Account Manager and has been part of the team for one year now.

Steven provides his clients with strategic advice, support, and guidance when it comes to mapping out their IT strategy.

Looking to help them reach their full potential, Steven ensures that his clients have the right technologies in place to do just that.

We’re so thankful you’re a part of the team, Steven! Congrats on the anniversary.

What folks say about Steven:

“Steven is an incredible Account Manager, always curious about new things and ways to improve. He truly cares about his clients and goes to bat for them to make them, and us, successful!”

Steven - Account Manager