Celebrating our 2022 Core Value Award Winners

At the end of each year, our team gets together at our annual Holiday party to celebrate all of the accomplishments over the last year.

It’s always fun getting to spend time with the team, eat good food, and break it down on the dance floor. We also hand out a few awards to folks who best exemplify our three core values: do the right thing, be curious, and personal connections.

Check out the blog below to learn a little more about what these values mean to WorkSmart and join us congratulating this year’s recipients!

Do The Right Thing

It may seem a little self-explanatory, but ‘doing the right thing’ at WorkSmart means a couple different things. We believe that finishing is the key to success. You can put in a bunch of work in, but if you don’t cross that finish line, you can never attain the end results that matter.

Being invested in the outcome and having flexibility throughout allows people to strive to do the right thing when problem-solving, working with colleagues, and supporting clients. While skill levels are important, doing the right thing also takes heart and hustle. Continuously pushing ourselves and others to reach their full potential by always trying to do the right thing helps set our team up for success.

This year, our core value award winners for #DoTheRightThing were Josh, Heaven, and Jenna (not pictured)!

Josh, Ricky, and Heaven posing for the do the right thing award

Be Curious

This core value is relatively new to WorkSmart, but one that we strongly believe in. We are firm believers that asking thorough and insightful questions when dealing with tough situations can lead to innovative solutions that help to move business forward.

We’re also willing to try new things. The phrase “well it’s always been done this way…” isn’t good enough and doesn’t support business growth or longevity. Being willing to switch things up and adapt to new processes can help lead to newfound success. Being curious also helps our team to understand things from multiple perspectives, giving us a more well-rounded view when coming up with creative solutions.

This year, our core value award winners for #BeCurious were Chelsea, Mike, and Mikayla!

Chelsea, Mike, Mikayla, and Clay posing for the be curious award

Personal Connections

Yes, our team is full of IT experts. But at the end of the day, people come first and technology comes second. We strive to build strong, trusting relationships both internally amongst colleagues, but also externally with each of our clients.

We believe that showing compassion and care pushes everyone one step closer to reaching their full potential. Collaboration is also key for our team. Working alongside each other here at WorkSmart and also with our clients directly helps us to provide best-in-class service.

This year, our core value award winners for #PersonalConnections were Quinn, George, and Devon!

Kim, Quinn, George, and Devon posing for the personal connections award

WorkSmart is lucky to have a team full of folks who all embody these core values and strive to reflect them in their work every single day.

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2023!