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Back to the Future: Planning Your IT Strategy

This webinar shares insight on using technology to connect your team and keep data secure, helping you plan an IT strategy for the future.

Free Webinar! Back to the Future with Planning Your IT Strategy

Join WorkSmart’s President & CEO, Clay Harris, for a discussion on how the right plan, policies, tools, training, and practice can help your organization take advantage to the changes in our ever-evolving workplace.

In the last episode in our Remote Office Series, we:

  • Recap lessons learned from the abrupt workforce shift
  • Provide stats from our executive leadership surveys on current business trends
  • Share tips to keep your data secure
  • Provide insights as a small business leader on the future for personal connections, cloud technologies, continuity and disaster preparedness, and cybersecurity

Planning for the future in the new “normal”.

The pandemic challenged small businesses to find more flexible ways to work. Within days, many teams became fully remote for the first time. That meant a lot of energy focused on a smooth transition.

Now, with the dust settling, it’s time to get back to looking forward. Knowing how to update your IT strategy in the face of the unknown can be hard. That’s why we’re bringing you this webinar. You’ll gain actionable insights to help you stay nimble in the modern workplace.