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A Security Operations Center for your organization

Security Operations Center as a service brings enterprise-level security to small businesses without going over budget.

By now, you know how important cybersecurity tools are as part of your IT plan. And you know that even with many layers of security, a hacker may still find a way in to your network. In fact, hackers often assume small organizations are not as careful as large corporations, so they see businesses like yours as easy targets. On top of that, most organizations don’t find out about a security breach for over a month. If that’s not good enough for your organization, you need to know about WorkSmart’s Security Operations Center (SOC) service.
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Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Managed Service

68% of all breaches in 2018 took a month or longer to discover.
Without security monitoring, you may never find out about an attack, but building an internal Security Operations Center isn’t feasible for most companies. Our SOC service combines up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and expert security engineers to narrow the gap between attack time and response time.
SOC service constantly monitors both on-premise and cloud-based system logs, looking for behaviors that indicate something is wrong. It learns over time what’s normal for your organization and what’s a new, suspicious behavior so security experts can review the data and recommend how to take action.
In addition to 24×7 monitoring, and an expert security team, we review vulnerability scans and summary reports and identify ways that organizations can proactively improve security.
WorkSmart’s Security Operations Center service is like having your own expert security team on staff. So you have the same IT security as an enterprise organization, but one that fits in your budget. Once you start using our SOC service, you won’t know how you slept peacefully without it.