Learn a little more about the people you’re going to love!

Jason, Service Manager
As a Service Manager, Jason owns the support experience for our clients. He manages the technicians that work on your support tickets as well as the onsite consultant team. It’s his job to ensure that we are communicating effectively and resolving issues quickly.

After more than 19 years at WorkSmart, Jason has experience in a little bit of everything. He’s extremely knowledgeable in the IT industry and will work to solve any problem thrown at him.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys scuba diving in many different locations and hanging out with his dogs!

What folks say about Jason:

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for working the firewall issue. It’s people like you that make me happy that I work at WorkSmart!”

“Our meeting this week moved the process documentation project for Service forward leaps and bounds. Thank you for collaborating with me and breaking down what we need to adapt from current processes.”

kleiman jason
Chad, Technical Support Engineer
Chad, Technical Support Engineer Chad has been an integral member of the WorkSmart team for over eight years now. Throughout his tenure, he’s been able to gain a great deal of experience and expertise in a variety of different IT areas.

He works on a daily basis to ensure that our client’s needs are being met, and he’s always willing to help out wherever he can.

What our clients say about Chad:

“Chad did great, as always!”

“Chad’s efforts in contacting a support assist resolved this issue. He always gives us 200%.

“It was very comforting to know that Chad was watching what another company was wanting to add to our system.”

Jake, Technical Support Engineer
Jake has been working in the IT industry for over four years now and currently works to support our clients in the Charlotte area.

In his free time, Jake enjoys playing games, cooking, and going for hikes. He also likes to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. A few of his favorite podcasts are “My Brother, My Brother, and Me”, “The Dollop”, and “Welcome to Nightvale”.

What our clients say about Jake:

“Jake was absolutely amazing. My computer had a complex issue and Jake was thorough and saw it fully through. He is fantastic.”

“Jake was great; friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, great communicator. Very satisfied with my time with him.”

Jake, Technical Support Engineer
Mike, Technical Support Engineer
Mike, Technical Support Engineer Mike has been with the team for over three years now and has an even longer background in the IT world across many different positions.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys reading, playing video games and board games, or hanging out at the pool. He’s also a big fan of Shepherd’s Pie and would love to one day take a trip on a Caribbean cruise.

Mike also enjoys hanging out with his dog Dori, and 4 cats: Luna, Tick, Lion-O, and Baby Kitten.

What our clients say about Mike:

“Mike was very thorough and ensured our team has what it needs to move forward with the new VPN technology. I appreciate his attention to detail!”

“Mike worked diligently on this setup. I appreciate his thoroughness and communication. His dedication to getting this done is to be applauded.”

Joe, Consultant
Joe works to help support our clients in the Charlotte region and surrounding areas. In his free time, Joe enjoys hanging out with his family, playing Xbox, and watching good movies.

He has two dogs, a Husky mix named Darla and a Mutt named Dudley. Joe is also a big fan of pasta and Dr. Pepper and hopes to visit Japan one day.

What folks say about JOE:

“The tech support is nice to talk with while troubleshooting my remote PC.”

“Thank you so much for coming in and helping us when you were not scheduled to be on standby. We really appreciate you!”

Joe, Consultant
Blake, Consultant
Blake, Consultant Blake is a prime example of our core value of “Be Curious” as he loves collecting any new information and learning about a wide variety of random things.

In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family, listening to podcasts, and watching the Shawshank Redemption. He also has two cats, Norman (4 years old) and Henri (1 year old).

What our clients say about Blake:

“Blake was great to work with in resolving my issues!”

“Fast response. Professional staff!”

George, Consultant
George has been on the team for a little over a year now and enjoys anything that crosses art and technology. In his free time, he enjoys working on cars, wood and metal working, and welding.

He also has four pets: a dog named Cho Chang, and three cats named Ramses, Nima, and Nefertiti. George hopes to one day travel by train from Paris to Hanoi.

What our clients say about George:

“George handles it all in stride. He’s wonderful to work with.

“George was very knowledgeable and kind when explaining the issue. Also, his recommendations were very good.”

“Thanks for your continued excellent support of the team. Appreciate all you do.”

George, Consultant
Russ, Consultant
Russ, Consultant Originally from Pittsburgh, Russ migrated to North Carolina in 1997 for a promotion with the VA. Since then, he’s been a mentor, technology trainer, IT technician, specialist, advisor, and team leader.

Russ is a life-long Steelers fan, but also loves the Panthers now. In his free time, Russ enjoys going to the movies, watching football, participating in sports, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Coffee is his beverage of choice and he loves spending time with his family and Jack Russell Terrier, Roxy.

What our clients say about Russ:

“Quickly resolved the issue for us. Thanks!”

“Russ worked hard to get it completed.

Daniel, Technical Support Representative
Daniel has been on the team for almost two years and has held a couple different roles. When he’s not working, you can usually find him playing video games or watching sports on TV (his favorites are the Bruins, Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox).

He’s a a huge pizza connoisseur and loves to experiment with really “out there” types of food. Daniel hopes to one day visit Europe or Hawaii.

What our clients say about Daniel:

“Prompt and professional service by Daniel. Resolved my issues after one session.

“Daniel was more than helpful when fixing my ticketed problem which he was able to solve. He also talked me through some of the other issues I have been having off and on for awhile now. Once we got off the phone he followed up on his recommendation almost immediately. Thanks Daniel!”

Daniel, Technical Support Representative
Alec, Technical Support Representative
Alec, Technical Support Representative Alec is an NC native with a wide variety of experience in the tech world. Previously, he worked as a nuclear medicine field service engineer and has 10 years experience in troubleshooting and engineering in various modalities.

He’s a practicing musician of about 15 years and has an amateur studio where he records his own solo projects as well as mix, edit, and write for brand advertisements.

In his free time, Alec enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs, Koji and Yuki.

What our clients say about Alec:

“Alec was very kind and knowledgable in helping me. We resolved my issue in about 5 mins.”

“Alec was great. Seemed like it was a tough issue to resolve but he stuck with it.