Microsoft 365

Marissa Explains IT All: Backup for Microsoft 365

Even if you’re using Microsoft 365, it’s still necessary to have a reliable backup. Check out the quick clip below to hear Marissa explain why in under 60 seconds!

You can also follow along with the script down below.

Marissa Explains IT All: Episode 3

“Why do I need a backup for Microsoft 365?”


“Cloud does not equal backup. Microsoft 365 is no exception. We use Microsoft 365 more and more because its connected to the Internet and it’s more available. So, we have more data, we have more configurations, we have more settings.

We need to have an intentional copy of all of that, so that we can recover in the event that somebody deletes an entire folder, or maybe someone deletes an entire channel in Microsoft Teams.

A third-party backup will make sure that you have what you need in order to recover. But, be warned that not all third-party backups are created the same.

Some only focus on commonly used apps like email, or OneDrive, to keep the costs minimal. Where as there are other solutions that are more comprehensive if you use other components like Planner, and SharePoint.

Backups are good!”