The WorkSmart Way IT Strategy and Infrastructure

Choosing the Right IT Partner for Your Business

First impressions make all the difference. That’s why, beginning with the first call, you’ll have a consistently excellent experience with WorkSmart.

We strive to be a strategic partner. As an extension of your team, we can work together to build an IT strategy that truly supports your business.

Establishing a collaborative relationship from the start leads to better long-term results. These opening conversations are essential to creating an enduring relationship. Let us explain why this helps in choosing the right IT partner.

Choosing the Right IT Partner for Your Business

An IT Partner Building Personal Connections

At our core, we value personal connections. It’s what sets our company apart from other IT partners. By focusing on helping people, we can work together on creative technology solutions. This collaboration leads to an efficient workplace.

Plus, the best outcomes come from person-to-person interaction. Building relationships with compassion helps to build trust amongst everyone involved. Trust is especially important when an employee needs IT support.

An IT Partner Following a Proven Process

Our proven process allows our team to set clear expectations on the forefront. The most valuable and efficient results for your business come from all parties being on the same page from the very beginning.

This process includes a comprehensive discovery followed by collaborative strategic discussions. As we continue to learn more about you and the needs of your organization, we are then able to make meaningful recommendations that will best support your business.

Why We Choose to Decline RFP’s

Lack of Communication

A Request for Proposal is essentially a one-way dialog. The disconnect that may occur due to the lack of meaningful conversation can ultimately lead to long-term issues. In most cases, in-depth discussions and discovery is needed to generate creative solutions that will help your organization.

Comparing candidates solely on “paper” means you’re likely missing the expertise and passion that comes from building relationships with people.


A request for proposal takes time and effort to put together. It requires you to come up with various requirements. We recommend using that time to interview and engage with potential IT partners live on video calls, and even better, in person.

If you throw out the RFP, how do you start? You can create a list of IT partners by asking peers for referrals.

Pre-supposed Solutions

Even the best RFPs assume the solutions that best fit your organization. By skipping the discovery process that comes with a consultation, you may miss creative solutions that can help your organization thrive.

We believe that the best IT support comes from finding the right technologies, not more technologies. By getting to know you and the needs of your organization, we can make it easier to find the right mix of technology to drive your business forward.

The WorkSmart Way: Choosing the Right IT Partner

We focus on simplifying IT with the right mix of people, process, and technology.

IT support is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We strategically work with each of our clients to support their organization’s long-term goals.

Building personal connections and following a proven process from the beginning allows us to deliver IT support and advise on an IT strategy that focus on your business’ growth.

If you’re ready to start consulting with our team, we’re here to help! Contact us today to start the collaboration.