Employee Anniversaries

Celebrating our May Employee Anniversaries

To have a successful organization, you have to have a great team. Our team is full of IT professionals who value doing the right thing, being curious, and building personal connections with each other and our clients. These characteristics allow us to continue growing and providing best-in-class IT support to all of our clients.

Join us in celebrating our five employee anniversaries this month! You can learn more about each of these team members below.

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Travis, TSR, Projects

Travis, TSR, ProjectsTravis is on our Projects team and has been a part of the team for 1 year now.

Travis is one of those people that you can call on for whatever you may need, and whether he has the answer or not – he’ll help guide you in the right direction. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and is an extremely efficient problem-solver.

He consistently receives praise from both clients that he works with and also fellow team members, including the following shoutout: “Thanks for consistently popping in to lend a helping hand. Your quick responses and girth of insight helps me (and the rest of our teams) tremendously and I certainly appreciate you!”

Your work does not go unnoticed and we appreciate everything you do. Happy Anniversary, Travis!

John, Service Manager

John, Service ManagerJohn is a Service Manager and this month marks his 4th year with the team.

John is someone who’s willing to not only learn new things himself, but also help teach that knowledge to others if they were to need it. He fully embodies our core value of being curious, allowing him to bring great value to both his clients that he assists and fellow team members that he works with.

John receives a great deal of recognition for his hard work, including the following shoutouts from co-workers: “Thank you for every time you’ve helped out with a network related issue and taught me new things I didn’t know every single time” and “I think it’s awesome how quickly you’ve dived into the SM role, and how much feedback you bring to all the interactions I have had with you; rock on!”

We’re so thankful that you’re a part of the team, John! Congrats on the milestone.

Clay, President & CEO

Clay, President & CEOClay is the President and Chief Executive Officer and helped to start the company 21 years ago.

Clay, along with many others, has worked hard to create a successful organization that is able to provide efficient and reliable managed IT services to our clients. He personifies all of our core values to the fullest extent – consistently doing the right, always being curious, and working hard to build personal connections across the organization.

Clay is repeatedly recognized for his leadership traits, including the following shoutout: “Thanks for being the kind of company that gives it’s employees a chance to team build and have some fun during working hours. It shows that the leadership of WorkSmart cares about keeping good people and values a good work culture.”

We are thankful to have you leading the team, Clay. Happy Anniversary!

Josh, Technical Support Representative

Josh is a Technical Support Representative and has been with the team for 1 year now.

Josh works day-in and day-out to provide quick and thorough support to our clients. He’s always willing to share his knowledge with a fellow team member as well if it will help them resolve an issue in any way.

He consistently receives praise from the clients he assists, including the following shoutout: “I love working with Josh! He is always so friendly and upbeat! Appreciate his quick response to issues and appreciate that he goes the extra mile to figure out an answer to the problem. Thanks Josh for your help with my printer and printing problem.

Happy Anniversary, Josh! We appreciate all that you do.

Jason, Support Director

Jason is our Support Director and has been a part of the team for 19 years now.

Jason helps to keep our team up and running smoothly with his wealth of knowledge and willingness to help out wherever he can. Whether it be an issue that a client is having, or an issue that a fellow team member has run into – Jason doesn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.

He is always receiving thanks for his diligent work, including the following shoutouts: “I know it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make these projects go smoothly – and I appreciate it!!!” and “Thank you for all the training support and exercises!”

We’re so thankful you’re a part of the team, Jason! Congrats on the big milestone.