Cyberattacks target schools, too.

NBC News recently shared this report about schools in Columbia Falls, Montana that were targets of a cyberattack. Hackers accessed students personal data—social security numbers, phone numbers—and threatened to release that data and hurt children unless a ransom was paid. The hackers also accessed school security cameras and could watch everything going on. This school district […]

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How to set “Active Hours” so Windows updates don’t keep interrupting you

Get ready for a big update from Microsoft for Windows 10 On October 17th Microsoft will release their latest service pack for Windows 10 called the “Fall Creators Update.” The update will be downloaded and installed on applicable Windows 10 machines automatically. It is a large update and may take around 30 minutes to complete after your computer is […]

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Wait, the new password guidelines are simpler?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently updated their Digital Identity Standards. I bet you haven’t read them, but the NIST guidelines affect how sites and apps create password requirements, and they affect the advice we share with you. And guess what? The new password guidelines are a lot more relaxed than before. […]

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