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With 20+ years of experience, WorkSmart partners with local businesses to fuel their growth through simplifying IT. Our goal is to align your business goals with a technology strategy to help your business reach its full potential.

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Topics of conversations that we’re having with hundreds of business leaders:


Learn how you can get started with the right approach to cybersecurity so you can protect your business, and customers, from cyber-attacks.

  • Common threats facing small businesses and the most effective tools for your cyber defense
  • Creating a culture of security awareness
  • Cybersecurity vs regulatory compliance
  • Cyber insurance and backups – two major players in returning your business to normal operations after a security incident

Cloud Technology

Take productivity and security with you everywhere. Learn how to leverage Microsoft 365 tools to boost productivity with reliable and secure access to the apps and files that best support your business.

  • Successful migration to the cloud
  • Maintaining flexibility & scalability using cloud technologies
  • Microsoft solutions for keeping data secure within the cloud

Hybrid Work

Enabling your team and protecting your critical business data, no matter where they work from.

  • Tools to foster productivity and collaboration from anywhere
  • Considerations for devices to best support your team in-office, as well as at home

Backup & Recovery

Implementing the right technologies to help you worry less and stay productive in case of a problem. Even if your data is in the cloud, learn about why backup solutions are still important.

  • Creating a reliable backup strategy designed to fit the needs of your business
  • Routinely testing those backups to ensure they’re working properly before an incident occurs
  • Considerations for cyber insurance policies

Budgeting for IT

Learn about how making technology a critical investment can help your organization gain a competitive edge, while also maintaining predictable IT costs.

  • Creating a system for purchasing computers
  • Planning for IT costs: infrastructure and support

Let’s Schedule time to talk about how we can help your Forum Members

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About Jim Rappl

Jim Rappl

After building and running a successful Managed IT Services provider for 13 years, Jim sold his company (Exceptional IT Services) to WorkSmart and joined the team in 2015.

As a Senior Business Advisor, Jim’s primary responsibilities include identifying strategic growth opportunities and forging new relationships with partners to identify how WorkSmart can help them to reach their fullest potential.

Jim also serves as an active executive management team member, helping to determine and implement business direction, gauge effectiveness, and adjust regularly using the EOS methodology.

Have any additional questions?
Contact Jim at (919) 459-1371. Or, send an email to [email protected]